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Pine Tree School 2013/2014 English – 9th A Research work:


Name: Joana Monteiro Class: 9th A


ď‚— Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire,

England, north west of Salisbury. Stonehenge regarded as one of the finest megalithic monuments existing, it’s composed of a complex of big stones, forming two concentric rings surrounding two boulders, embedded in one another.


What was Stonehenge? ď‚— Stonehenge was a place of burial. Stonehenge

evolved in several construction phases spanning at least 1,500 years. There is evidence of large-scale construction on and around the monument that perhaps extends to 6,500 years

Curiosity: ď‚— Stones to build Stonehenge were brought up to 400

km away. ď‚— Some stones weigh 45 tons and is 5 feet tall.

Joana de sousa monteiro (a2293)