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ISSUE 101 – Aug/Sep 2016 –

Your business website is a direct reflection of your business.


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Why your business Needs a Website

Focus More on Function than Fashion!

Uploading Images Into

Using Color in Web Design

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5 Ways to Improve Your Business Website With Better

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Small Business Web Designer

Why your business needs a website

Aug/Sep 2016

Consumers expect a business website

by: Ken Bradford

Today, consumers simply expect access to information on the Internet. Many times consumers actually research companies and products online before they make a purchase. By providing a quality small business website, you can offer the convenience of instant information and fulfill the demand for products or services quickly.

Small business website design to showcase business personality Your small business website design could be the focal point of your business online. It can not only help you sell products and services, but more importantly, it can be one of the best ways to establish trust and credibility for your company. The reasons you should have a well designed small business website include:

An effective website offers a 24/7 employee How would you like to have a new employee who works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year


Small Business Web Designer

Aug/Sep 2016

Why your business needs a website (Cont'd)

Doing the same things your competitors do is not always the best thing, but in the case of small business website design, it is.

by: Ken Bradford

As a small business owner, you should understand that your website is the central hub of your marketing and branding. If you get your web design wrong, it can have a negative impact on your business.

and you don’t even have to provide employee benefits or pay overtime? This is exactly what your business website is. The information is always there, no matter if the weather is bad, it’s a holiday, it’s the weekend, or it’s after 5 p.m.

I take your ideas and my web design expertise and custom design a website that people want to read, share, and link to. It will attract new customers and help you grow your business. Get in touch today and let’s make something happen.

Effective website design provides cost effective advertising You probably get a new phone book and Yellow Pages every time a new one is printed, but can you ever find them when you need them? People just don’t use phone books anymore, so why waste your valuable advertising dollars for something that is going to be thrown away or stashed in the garage somewhere? People search online for almost everything and your business website will always be as close as Google.

A business website is a competitive necessity Without a small business website, you give your competitors the advantage of attracting new customers who might have preferred your products or services had they known about them.


Small Business Web Designer

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Why your business needs a website From the Publisher Uploading Images Into WordPress Media Library 5 Ways to Improve Your Business Website with Better Web Content Using Color in Web Design Web Design Must Focus More on Function Than Fashion


Aug/Sep 2016

Small Business Web Designer

Aug/Sep 2016

I spend a lot of time helping small businesses learn the importance of web design, blogging, and social media in implementing any personal branding strategy. I get paid to help people de-stress and simplify their blogs, websites, and more importantly, their lives. A perfect situation that leaves both of us happy.

From The Publisher Hello, I’m Ken Bradford and I enjoy web design, graphic design, and website development for small businesses in and around Clarksville, TN and other parts of the U. S.

I have been the web designer and/or graphic designer for many different types of small businesses, including insurance agencies, construction, web design companies, non-profits, candle companies, discount dental plans, coffee shops, cafes and many others. I will accept job assignments from qualified small businesses anywhere in the United States.

I am an ambitious problem solver with sound oral and written communication skills who has a passion for online small businesses and startups. I understand the needs of small businesses to establish a brand and develop trust and credibility in today’s vast online marketplace. With a solid background in the insurance industry, online marketing opportunities inspired me after serving as marketing manager in my own multi-line insurance agency.

Ken Bradford

Publisher Small Business Web Designer

Advertising Information

1880 Garwood Dr. Clarksville, TN 37040

I specialize in Self-hosted WordPress web design and blog design for small businesses. I design websites that are userfriendly, liked by search engines, and relevant to the needs of a target audience. I possess outstanding proficiency in search engine optimization techniques.

Phone: 931-217-0572 E-mail: Web:

Connect with Ken: 4

Small Business Web Designer

Uploading Images Into WordPress Media Library by Ken Bradford

Even though WordPress allows you to insert images directly into new blog posts and website pages, we’re going to take a look at the process of uploading images into WordPress.

Step #1: Log in to your WordPress Dashboard Enter your login Username and Password for your WordPress account.

Step # 2: Accessing your WordPress Media Library You have now arrived at your WordPress “Dashboard”, which is actually your control center or control panel for your WordPress blog or website. You simply select “Media” to access your image library.

Step #3: Adding the new image to your “Media Library” Your WordPress Media Library contains all the photos and graphic images you have uploaded.


Aug/Sep 2016

Small Business Web Designer

Uploading Images Into WordPress Media Library (Cont'd)

Aug/Sep 2016


Step #6: Optimizing the image you just uploaded to WordPress

by Ken Bradford

It is from here that you can choose images to use in your blog posts and website pages. To add a new image to your library, select “Add New”.

Each image in your library has an individual page. This is a very important page because it allows you to actually optimize each image to not only make the image more effective, but also to improve search results. Remember, search engines, like Google, can’t read images, but they certainly can read “Alt Text“. An image without Alt Txt or a description is worthless for SEO purposes.

Step #4: Uploading images into WordPress This page looks similar to the previous page, only now you can see an option to actually “Select Files” to upload your image. You will be directed to the folder on your computer where your photos are stored. If you store photos or images in more than one place, just make sure you are at the right place to upload the image you want uploaded.

The Internet has become a visual environment. The proper use of images is important to the success of any blog or website. The images must be large enough, clear enough, and important enough to get the job done.

Step #5: Viewing the image you just uploaded. Uploading images into WordPress shouldn’t take very long. Once the upload is complete, your image will appear in the top left corner of your Media Library. You obviously want to take a look at the image you just uploaded, so double-click on that


Small Business Web Designer

Aug/Sep 2016

5 Ways to Improve Your Business Website With Better Web Content by Ken Bradford For your business website to be popular and effective, it must be easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to use.

2. Website content must be clear and simple

Let’s look at 5 ways you can improve your business website with better web content.

Long blocks of complex or compound information can be intimidating. It is best to keep your writing simple with short, to-the-point sentences and paragraphs.

1. Website content must be easy to scan

3. Break up long areas of text with headings and sub-headings

When people visit your website, they aren’t going to read every word on the page. They will scan the page for specific information. This is where numbered lists, charts, and bullet points are very important.

Again, large areas of text can be intimidating and result in a bad user


Small Business Web Designer

Aug/Sep 2016

5 Ways to Improve Your Business Website With Better Web Content (Cont'd) by Ken Bradford experience. Always break up large blocks of text with headings and sub-headings to showcase main topics and sub-topics.

The goal of your website must be to do everything you can to meet the specific needs of your current and future customers. Every single word of web content must be written for them. Write your content in a more informal conversational style and avoid common website mistakes.

4. Avoid the fluff and jargon

Your business website is a direct reflection of your business and may be the only impression left with potential customers who do a lot of business online.

You must give people what they are looking for, quickly. Your visitors will only read a small percentage of your website content. As the number of words on the page increases, the percentage of readership will decrease. Always be direct and make every word count.

My small business website design service is focused on giving you the added benefit of an effective web presence while keeping your costs down. Get in touch today and I will help you create an effective business website that is easy to use and is appreciated by search engines and potential customers.

5. Speak to your customers You must always remember that your website is not a formal corporate report.


Small Business Web Designer

Using Color In Web Design by Ken Bradford In a study called “Impact of Color on Marketing”, researchers found that people make up their minds within 90 seconds of their initial interactions with people or products. This study further revealed that up to 90 percent of these decisions are based on color alone. Let’s explore some web design tips that show how using color in web design can be important.


Aug/Sep 2016

Small Business Web Designer

Using Color In Web Design (Cont'd)

by Ken Bradford

Color in web design may be perceived differently

Red – Traditionally, the color red reflects warning or danger. It can be used effectively as an accent color to show power or passion. This color can become overwhelming if it is used too much in your website design.

Using very strong colors in web design will drive your older visitors away. Younger visitors may be attracted to more fashionable colors, at least temporarily. Using color in web design must take into account your site’s readability. It must be designed to be userfriendly by young visitors, older visitors, and the visually impaired.

There is a lot of discussion about the psychology of color as it relates to consumer persuasion. There have been numerous attempts to classify consumer responses to different colors, which include: ●

Aug/Sep 2016

Blue – The exact shade of blue used in website design will impact how your site is perceived. Dark blues show strength and reliability and are excellent for corporate sites. Bright blues can be refreshing and reflect energy. Light blues reflect a relaxed and calm feeling. Green – Green is a reserved down-to-earth color. It is a very stable color to reflect stability and growth. Darker shades are good to appeal to an affluent audience. Brighter shades of green reflect more energy. Olive green colors are great for sites related to nature.

Using color in web design can influence the perception of brand personality An excellent example of color branding is John Deere. Even though John Deere chose to use the colors yellow and green, no one seems to know why. It really doesn’t matter why because it worked and is now the nationally recognized brand colors. Do you think it would cause some confusion if John Deere suddenly changed their colors to blue and purple?


Small Business Web Designer

Using Color In Web Design (Cont'd)

Aug/Sep 2016

website don’t use blue, because it is a natural appetite suppressant. We all have color favorites, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that these are the ones to choose in your efforts to design an effective business website. Color harmony is critical. You should choose up to four colors, including black and white, and use them effectively. Too many colors or the wrong colors will only create confusion and distract your visitors.

by Ken Bradford The colors used in your web design should show your business personality and make you stand out above your competitors. If your strongest competitor is using primarily blue, then you should use purple or some other color.

Colors used in web design shouldn’t conflict with brand identity

I understand the importance of using color in web design. My small business website design service offers user-friendly business websites that are visually appealing. Contact me today and I will design a website that attracts consumers and generates new business.

According to Coca-Cola Journey, 94 percent of the world’s population recognize the red and white logo. Did you know that the first Coke logo wasn’t red and white? It was black. The colors weren’t changed until 1958 and rumor has it that it had something to do with Santa Claus.

Certain colors seem to work well with specific types of businesses. Cool colors, like blues and greens, seem to reflect a more relaxed attitude and work well with outdoor products, medical services, and other sites with intellectual content. Warm colors are great for cafes, restaurants, or other food sites. If you are designing a restaurant


Small Business Web Designer

Web Design Must Focus More on Function than Fashion

Aug/Sep 2016

Website development must begin with a clear purpose

by Ken Bradford Before we jump into the subject of website development, you must first understand that an effective business website is not a product, but a service. If you approach website development from the consumer’s point of view you will be on target and the actual website design process will go a lot more smoothly. Let’s look at some important aspects of website development that will allow the design phase to focus more on function than fashion.

The only way to design an effective business website and have the ability to measure its success is to have a clearly defined goal before website development begins. By having a well-defined goal for your website, the design process can include elements that reinforce your purpose. The website development process will be more effective and you will eliminate any confusion from the very beginning.


Small Business Web Designer

Web Design Must Focus More on Function than Fashion (Cont'd)

Aug/Sep 2016

square inch of a web page should be filled with something, but white space is essential for your site to breathe. Without sufficient white space your web design can become cramped and the different design elements will just run together.

by Ken Bradford

Design phase of website development must be user-friendly

Website development with a cluttered design is annoying

One major error in web design is improper or inadequate site navigation. Your visitors should never have to wonder where they are or how they can get to the information they need. All website content must be comfortable for the user and offer valuable information before they know they really need it. Your visitors really want to know what you can do for them and really aren’t concerned about how you do it. Your content must be simple, an easy read, and tailored to your target audience.

Don’t make the mistake of using excessive graphics, flash, pop-ups or any other design elements that don’t promote your site’s purpose. Anything that is a total distraction to your visitors is clutter and must be avoided. Design clutter causes your site to load more slowly and you only have a few seconds to grab a potential customer’s attention. People come to your site looking for information and anything that tries to direct their attention to things that don’t interest them is just an annoyance.

Website development must include elements that work together

There are many visually appealing websites that are totally ineffective. Your business can have the best looking website on the Internet, but if people must go to the 15th page of Google to find it, it’s not really worth the time and effort in took in website development. There’s nothing wrong with a website looking good, but gaining

If there are elements of your web page that really stand out, it should be intentional, not because they just don’t fit in with the rest of the page. To be effective, your website must present unity of design. Many web designers seem to feel that every


Small Business Web Designer

Web Design Must Focus More on Function than Fashion (Cont'd) by Ken Bradford visibility should be your ultimate goal and your website design must focus more on function and less on fashion. I take your thoughts and ideas and my web design expertise to create small business websites that not only look good, but are easy for search engines and potential customers to find and enjoy. Get in touch today and let me help your business stand out above the crowd.


Aug/Sep 2016

Small Business Web Designer


Aug/Sep 2016

Small Business Web Designer - Aug/Sep 2016  
Small Business Web Designer - Aug/Sep 2016  

Effective business web design is very important to the success of any small and large business operation. Your website can not only increase...