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What does your icon say about you?

That I’m entirely technologically inept and had to use the only picture I had available that was already roughly square.


This thing next to my name is a "logo" I created for a Warhawk clan that never really went anywhere (Warhawk is a game for the PS3, by the way). It was called Atlas. Also inspired by Bioshock. Not much more to it than that. I picked mine because (a) all of the 'blogging experts' say sex sells and (b) I love Varga pinups, this one in particular because I think she is so cute. Plus it is a bit of intentional irony using the whole sexy 50's girl theme on my blog and avatar, given that I am supposed to be offended over everything

It tells the world that I am not free to do whatever I desire. I'm tied "to the bones"

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Baking Soda is


(this is a non-religious discussion so please, check your faith at the door!) What other product qualifies as both something to bake with, clean with vand clear up acne with?

Olive oil is a great moisturizing cleanser. I don’t know that it will clear acne, but it supposedly does not cause it, despite being an oil.

Yes and JESUS would approve!!! Oh sorry, non-religious thread. Oops. I’m pretty sure using Olive Oil like that would seriously piss off Popeye






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