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10 Mistakes Bloggers Are Still Making

Let’s Talk About the 10 Mistakes Bloggers Are Still Making We all make mistakes in our efforts to become the ultimate blogger, but every once in a while we need to be reminded of some of them to be successful. Today’s post is more about success than criticism; we all are guilty of some these. So take a peak and you may find yourself compelled to re-evaluate some of your posts or even move a totally new direction.

Too Much Complexity Remember the first rule of communication and getting your message out, your audience. Who is your audience? Sometimes it is often thought complexity is a sign of achievement, intelligence, or sophistication. But actually the opposite is true. Stick with terms and language of your audience and you will never miss the mark on communicating. Always put your personality in your writing as well. People follow or purchase from people after a relationship is built not products. Injecting your personality is key as they will get to know the real you.

Publishing Daily May Not Be Good Thing Believe it or not publishing daily to your blog is not a good thing. This can cause all of your automatic social notifiers and email notifications to spam your clients email boxes. This is not a good thing and your most valuable resource, your clients and partners, just get bounded by your email and notifications. It can by annoying. When you do post to your blog ensure your posts are relevant and provide valued information.

Editing Your Posts In Lightening Speed This is a big one and we see this is the MOST common mistake made by bloggers. Proofreading your work is really big. As you put your post or article together run it thru a spell checker such as Word or other tool to ensure your spelling is correct. We prefer to use Notepad to write our initial article and then transfer to Word. There we proof and check for grammar and spelling. It is also super important to read your article or post aloud to yourself. I know this sound really weird, but when folks read they typically hear in their head the article as they read it. You want your article or post to make sense and come across clearly. Other considerations may be: Does each paragraph naturally follow the paragraph before it? Polish each sentence. The more effort you put into editing, the easier your post becomes to read. Your message becomes clearer, and your readers will be grateful.

Show Your Personality As mentioned before people by people and their service not products. Folks want to know that you support them and the products you recommend to them. This is crucial to your blogging business and can’t be emphasized enough. Additionally, we all write, have written or will write about the same topics. What stands out about you? It is what you put into your articles and posts that are different. What can you do differently? 

View topics from a different perspective

Present converse opinions to suggest an opposite approach to what most people believe is right

Share your personal experiences and fortunes to guide your readers

Show them you have a sense of humor and entertain them You make your articles and posts unique. Your readers don’t just come back for more useful tips. They engage with you because of who you are.

Web-Friendly Fonts Rule! If you want consistency you don’t want to fonts that are not web-friendly. Cool is good but doesn’t always work. We suggest you utilize the sans-serif ( font for all your main body content, and try not to use too many different fonts on one page or post. If you want to get creative then use some of the fonts at dafonts. These display the font and give you a proper way of creating your masterpiece while being web-friendly.

Optimizing Your Permalinks This subject we have seen quite frequently. A good example of a bad or not so friendly SEO permalink is Your permalink is what is displayed in the Search Engines when folks find your material. Here is an example of a good permalink This displays better, informs the reader what the title to the

story is and brands your SEO much better for the search engines to read. If you are using WordPress, you can change your permalink settings, go to (Settings -> Permalinks and select Postname) If you don’t have the post name option yet, you’re not on WordPress 3.3, you possibly need to upgrade. You could wait a bit for the update, or you could just add /%postname%/ as a custom permalink structure.

Not Understanding Your Audience Okay so you got your blog together and your products (if applicable) and you are getting traffic. But no one is responding or converting? Could be you are not getting to know your audience to know what they need, want or how you can assist them. There are many ways to get to know your audience. Our favorite method is Survey Monkey ( It is easy to use, free and provides you all the tools necessary to pop some questions to your audience. Measure the feedback for your articles, promotions, website, etc.. To see if you coming out with the correct material to assist your readers.

SEO Is The Target Learning SEO or Search Engine Optimization is crucial to your blog. According to ( the definition of SEO is: “Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or un-paid (“organic”) search results. In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search, academic search, news search and industry-specific vertical search engines.”

Perform a little SEO at the minimum is so important. Ensure you look at some SEO Tips and Tricks to help you. You will notice a great increase in your search engine ranking and overall organic ranking. You can get some free training here.

Intro Paragraph Captures The Reader You got the graphics, the fonts and the permalink good to go. What about your first paragraph? Does it grab your reader’s attention? Does it answer a question or pose intrigue? These are good things to insert into your first paragraph for any article or post you put on your blog. The eye view as it is called (the top and first part of your blog visible upon opening) is what keeps your readers eyes glued to the article or post. Take a little time to be creative with your first paragraph and look at your reader’s perspective. Add a little personality and pose a question.

Are You Talking The Same Subject Or Brand We know we have been guilty of this one. If you are a blogger that really likes to put your message out there, you can get away with the occasional post that strays from your primary message or brand. But if you are trying to build traffic, you need to find an editorial focus and stick to it. A tighter focus leads to higher traffic. This is why we have tried to narrow my own focus to three areas: leadership, traffic, and publishing. If I want to write on something else (e.g., fitness), I do so through one of these three lenses.

Conclusion There are other mistakes, too; we doubt this list is all encompassing. But we think we have covered the major ones. Be sure to keep an eye on future posts here as will continue to cover these and other important subject to make you successful.

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10 Mistakes Bloggers Are Still Making  

We all make mistakes in our efforts to become the ultimate blogger, but every once in a while we need to be reminded of some of them to be s...

10 Mistakes Bloggers Are Still Making  

We all make mistakes in our efforts to become the ultimate blogger, but every once in a while we need to be reminded of some of them to be s...