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You might think a computer network may just involve use of a desktop or a laptop but it is not so there are many other devices like web servers, cables, database and other sophisticated things. These all are very crucial for a computer network as they aid the process of transmitting and sharing data. All actions of computer networking are managed by a server which is also referred as data centre. This centre has all the required tools to ensure networking takes place in a proper manner. A computer network can be used in numerous ways. You can either use it to connect two laptops for transferring data or use it to link hundreds of computers in a business unit. There are different types of networks. A list below will help you to learn about them: Personal area network or PAN is generally intended for home purposes as its range is not very long. It's ideal for linking few devices. Bluetooth technology and wireless networking come under personal area network. Wide area network or WAN has a mind blowing range which is generally extends over a big area. Internet is a perfect example of a wide area network. Such computer network is generally used by companies who have their offices in different parts of the world. By using this network an employee in one country can use files and information that is stored on a computer present in a separate country. Local area network or LAN is one of the most widely used computer network. All the computers linked through a local area network are present in the same place. This is apt for linking hundreds of computers in an office and also for connecting few devices in your home. A local area network helps in quick connection, a prime reason behind its growing popularity. Depending on your requirement you can choose any of the above computer networks to make your life and work simple. Some of the hardware used for building a network includes router, hub, switch and also network interface cards or NIC. I am sure this article will give you complete hang of computer networking and its great benefits.

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==== ==== For more information about computer network products please click this link. ==== ====

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