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Eye diseases are common cause of human disability. In most cases, eye diseases are caused by old age. Others are caused by lack of nutrition that usually impaired vision. One major cause of the visual loss is the cataract. A cataract is opacity of the lens. The formation of cataract is usually associated with aging. Studies show that its formation is expected when a person reaches the age of 70. But today, others already show cataract symptoms at the age of 50. Cataract is the primary cause of reduced vision and blindness. There are other people who appear to experience cataract formation earlier in life due to living in high altitudes or those who are exposed in bright sunlight. It is very risky if there is too much exposure to ultraviolet light which affects the life span of the person. Although cataract is a severe disease, there are also cataract eye surgeries available in different countries. Unfortunately, there is no known treatment for the said eye disease aside from surgery in which it prevents or reduces cataract formation. Cataract eye surgery has improved because of new developed technologies and facilities. This infected lens can be removed by an intra capsular procedure or through extra capsular procedure. If the surgery consists of removing the lens including the lens capsule, it refers to intra capsular cataract extraction or called the ICCE. But if the surgery will consist of removing the lens as well as the anterior portion of the lens capsule, then it refers to extra capsular cataract extraction or commonly called as ECCE, the posterior lens capsule is left intact since only the anterior portion is removed. In the two types of cataract eye surgery, the ICCE is highly successful and was commonly performed. How can we identify if there is already cataract formed? Patients usually experience blurred vision since the opacity of the lens usually obstructs the reception of the light and images by the retina. If a person is suffering from cataract, there is no complaint of pain instead, they usually see better in low light when the pupil is dilated. And this allows vision around the central opacity. Cataract progresses through clinical stages of development. Immature cataracts are not completely opaque and some light is transmitted through them allowing vision. Then next are the mature cataracts. These are completely opaque. In this stage, vision is significantly reduced. The in tumescent cataracts are those which increases in size and when the lens absorbs water. If symptoms occur, try to go to the doctors and experts. And if you turned out positive of the said disease and you are advised to have a cataract eye surgery, don't hesitate. Even though you will have the surgery, always remember the self- care before and after the removal of the lens.

After the surgery, patients are always expected to have scheduler visits and return for follow ups. These follow up visits includes the next morning return after the cataract eye surgery as well as one week after and then one month after. Side effects such as nausea and vomiting occur. But these effects are no longer expected after the removal of the lens. But if you still experience those two, you should report it immediately to your doctor.

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==== ==== For free videos and the latest information about cataracts, please visit our site ==== ====

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