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Ask anyone who spends countless nights tossing and turning with no sleep in sight the question "what is insomnia," and the answer is likely to be "a big pain in the neck." In reality, there are numerous answers to that question. What is insomnia in its most basic form is the absence of sleep. When people find it impossible to get the rest and relaxation they need, the resulting condition is called insomnia. What is insomnia is also categorized by its persistent nature. A single sleepless night likely won't help a person fully understand what is insomnia, but three or four in a row might. The answer to what is insomnia can be more detailed, as well. Depending on the cause, the answer to what is insomnia might vary greatly. For example: ·Stress. What is insomnia might be answered as being a response to stress. When the mind races and cannot seem to shut off even for rest, insomnia can result. Learning to tackle stress or at least deal with it can take the question of what is insomnia away entirely. ·Pain. Unfortunately for many people, the answer to the question of what is insomnia is often a response to pain. When pain and discomfort are present, sleeping can be hindered. Helping address the source of the pain can help. The best path to take when pain is the answer to what is insomnia will vary. Some people require medications; others might need therapy or pain management. Whatever the case, if pain is the cause, the answer to what is insomnia should be getting help if at all possible. ·Poor dietary habits. What is insomnia can often be answered with this: The body's response to poor dietary intake. When caffeine is high in a diet and poor eating habits are present, it is possible sleep patterns will be disrupted. To end this cause, many people need to alter their diets. What is insomnia might also be answered by a reaction to eating times. It is recommended that people not eat in the few hours prior to bedtime. This can help end insomnia for some. ·Response to medication. A poor response to medication is often the answer to what is insomnia. Some medications have insomnia as a side effect. If this is suspected, medical advice likely is needed. Medications might need to be switched or doses altered. What is insomnia? The body's response to some sort out outer or inner stimuli that makes going to sleep difficult or impossible. Finding the cause can help take the problem away. Whether it is pain, stress, diet or medications, the real answer to what is insomnia should be: A condition that has gone away!

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==== ==== For free videos and the latest information about insomnia, please visit our site ==== ====

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