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Taurine was once regarded to be a not-so-important type of amino acid. The reason is that they can actually be made in our body naturally, therefore the need for it as a supplement is not needed anymore. But that was the thing of the past. Nowadays, taurine is considered as an essential type of amino acid that is really important in our body. Fact is that taurine poses a lot of benefits towards a healthier life. These key benefits are the following: • It protects the kidneys and is important in renal development. • It helps to eliminate toxins in the body as well as the elimination of cholesterol in the bile. • It is important in the brain and nervous system, prevention of abnormal heartbeats, as well as in the cardiac functions. • It protects the heart from damage during a shock or from irregular rhythms. • It serves as an antioxidant. • It serves as a performance enhancers for athletes • It can help in treating seizure disorders because of its known calming effect on the human brain. • It also helps to fight microbial infections by being present in the balancing of white blood cell production. Taurine is also very important in pregnant women. It is important in the brain development of babies inside the womb. As fetus inside, their body cannot create these natural taurine and through that will depend babies' brain development. When they come out of the womb, they feed on the breast milk or with formulated milk which is loaded with taurine. Researches show that most of the autistic children lacked from taurine either inside their mother's womb or while they are developing babies when they needed it the most. Other importances of taurine supplementations include the treatment of different health conditions, including: seizure disorders, cardiovascular disorders, Alzheimer's disease, and hepatic disorders. Taurine supplements are also found out to be a cure in insomnia, restlessness, depression, and irritability. It is very important to know whether or not a person is under taurine deficiency, especially for nursing mothers. Taking supplements that would help enhance the body's production of taurine is the best option. Taurine deficiency can result to a lot of bad effects to human health. Researches show that low level of taurine is found with patients diagnose with disorders such as anxiety, hypertension, infertility, depression, kidney failure, and obesity. Because of that, it is believed that taurine deficiency has a direct effect with the abovementioned health problems. Taking food supplements that contain taurine is the wisest thing to do to avoid having health problems related to taurine deficiency.

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==== ==== For free videos and the latest information about seizures, please visit our site ==== ====

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