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If you are a Snickers candy fan, this cake will become your favorite if you haven't already discovered it. Easy to make, a fun treat for guests, and something your family will ask for it all the time if they love Snickers candy as much as you do. Hopefully, if you have young children who help you in the kitchen and love to make things with you, when they are older, guess what you'll get for your birthday every year! Directions: 1.Bake a 2 layer Chocolate cake. 2.Cool completely. 3.Make Chocolate Buttercreme Icing or White Buttercreme if you prefer it to be white. 4.Beat until fairly firm, a small amount of Rich's Bettercreme Non Dairy Topping. 5.Make Caramel Filling: - Melt little caramels in a microwave oven. Be careful. Melt them at 10 second intervals and stir before you try to melt them again to be sure they are completely melted. - Mix melted Caramel mixture into firmly beaten non-dairy topping mix, or you can use Cool Whip. 6.Place 1 layer of Chocolate cake on your cake plate. 7.Spread the Caramel creme filling over the cake layer. 8.Place the top layer of Chocolate cake on the filling. 9.Ice the cake with whatever flavor icing you want. 10.Cut some of the mini-Snickers in small slices and place all over top of cake. 11.Place uncut mini-Snickers on top as well. 12.If you want to, put some of the small slices of Snickers all over the sides of the cake. 13.One extra thing to do. Melt Caramels. When they are smooth and creamy, take a small plastic pastry bag and pour the melted mixture into the bag. Cut off a very teeny part of the tip of the bag.

Hold the bag over the cake and squeeze the Caramel in small lines, all over the cake. You'll understand how interesting and pretty this is to look at once you do it. BE CAREFUL that the Caramel isn't too hot so you don't burn your hand. That's it! A very fun cake everyone is going to enjoy. And just think. If you have any Snickers Candy Bars left over at Halloween, you can make a Snicker Doodle Cake with those leftovers! NOTE: You can use this basic recipe to make a cake with any candy you like.

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==== ==== For many choclate cake recipes and tips, please visit our site: ==== ====

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