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When a baby comes home or as soon as a mother is expecting, several kinds of suggestions come up regarding the purchase of crib sets or related to the nature of bedding which should be used. Mothers are often encouraged not to buy new crib sets, when there is already an old set present in the family. If the baby has an elder sibling then it becomes quite natural that older beddings will be used for the new baby. Friends and relatives often offer their own kids toddler bedding (which is no longer in use) to new parents as a token of utility with a hint of saving some quick money. It is no doubt that these hand me downs help to save some money - but what about the health and happiness of your baby. Consider a few factors before you decide to use borrowed baby bedding or baby crib sets. If you are using borrowed baby bedding is will surely have some natural wear and tear. This will be affected in its appearance as well as in terms of safety issues, especially in case of crib sets. Old cotton baby bedding will be faded with designs and motifs quite lightened due to washes. If you wish to have a new nursery for your baby, it will definitely not work for your baby. If you plan to borrow cotton bedding for your baby you can be assured of its natural waterproof properties. However, with passage of time the water proof capacity of the bedding reduces to a great extent. It may happen that the cotton bedding may not be of same utility as you expect it to be. A baby spends 70% of its time in the cribs. It is very natural that after continuous use the baby crib does not remain in the same condition. In such a case would you prefer to use any crib set which has been repaired and replaced for your baby who is coming home for the first time? If you are using old baby crib sets or borrowed baby cribs you will be surely using some old designs, patterns and styles. Suppose you are using borrowed baby boy bedding, you will surely not get the themed bedding sets which are new, trendy and stylish. So, if you use any kind of old bedding you will be definitely compromising on latest styles, patterns and even trends. Your baby certainly deserves the best and not anything which is old patterned and little out dated!

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