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If you are not sure if you would like scuba diving, a scuba diving resort course could be the answer. You take a few hours (depending on the resort) and learn the basics of diving and then do a dive in the ocean. Chances are the resort you are staying at in the Caribbean will offer this introductory course. If you're staying at an all inclusive Caribbean resort, scuba diving resort courses are sometimes included in the price. Even more of an incentive to try it out. You will have to check your particular resort but scuba diving resort courses usually involve the following:

Fitting you with the scuba gear you'll need A brief lecture on the basics of diving Some pool time to learn how to use the equipment A dive in the ocean either from shore or off a boat

The time spent on the lecture and in the pool can vary from one to several hours. Most I have seen and the ones my friends have taken typically lasted 2-3 hours. Sometimes the open water dive portion of the course is included and sometimes you have to pay extra. My friends have paid anywhere from $0 to $45. Equipment is usually included in scuba diving resort courses. You will (or should) at a minimum learn:

How to clear your mask How to clear your ears as you descend How to breathe underwater (a useful skill) How to signal that you are OK

How to signal that you are out of air (which should not even be a possibility in scuba diving resort courses) How to control your buoyancy so you are not bobbing up and down underwater (this takes practice)

You may be on information overload at first, but just relax. You will get it. Even if you don't understand everything, you can still have an enjoyable dive. The instructor taking you out on your resort course dive should limit your dive to a depth of 30 or so feet. This way you will not get "the bends" if you surface too quickly. However some instructors are lax on enforcing this rule. You may have to be your own police. Most operators are responsible but always be aware of your depth. My husband dove to almost 70 feet during one of his scuba diving resort courses (before he was certified). This is crazy. The risk of getting hurt is just too great. No one without the proper training should go that deep. He knows that now! Don't let this scare you. The vast majority of people who take scuba diving resort courses do so without incident. Many go on to become certified divers. You could be next. So if you are unsure how you would like scuba diving, resort courses are a great intro. You don't have to spend alot of time or money to get a feel for diving. A few hours and you'll probably know if you want to continue. If you try it out on your next tropical vacation, I'm betting you won't regret it. Good luck and enjoy,

Dianne Rein from Dianne Rein dives all over the Caribbean and is always looking for a new great place to dive. Visit her website for an introduction to scuba diving and scuba diving safety information

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