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Is it really possible to reverse heart disease? The correct answer seems to be, "It depends." The heart disease itself might be reversed or at least slowed, but any heart muscle which has died from lack of oxygen because of blocked coronary arteries cannot be repaired. So the best chance of improved health in those who have heart scarring from one heart attack is to reverse heart disease causing the blockage in their coronary arteries to prevent another one. When heart disease is the result of infection, heart valve malfunction, congenital heart disease, or substance abuse, damage to the heart muscle, as long as it has not caused scarring, can sometimes be reversed. Heart valves which do not work properly can force the heart muscle to overwork and become strained; repairing the valves will allow the heart to heal; sometimes it will recover almost completely. Reversing heart disease which is the result of medications is a simple matter of stopping or changing them. Reversing heart disease which is the result of poor health habits is not complicated, but it can be challenging, because it requires what may be major lifestyle changes for many people. A program for reversing heart disease will include reducing dietary fats and cholesterol; giving up cigarettes; starting and sticking to a regular exercise program; and taking cholesterol medication if necessary. Reversing Heart Disease With Diet Anyone serious about reversing heart disease will have to lower his or her blood fats and cholesterol levels. Studies have shown that vegetarian diets, with minimal cholesterol--between 5 and 30 mg per day, and 5 to 10% fat, can reverse plaque buildup in the coronary arteries. These diets eliminate saturated and hydrogenated fats, and replace them with olive, rapeseed, or nut oils. There are less stringent diets for reversing heart disease which are not strictly vegetarian; they substitute fish for red meats. But reversing heart disease does demand that you avoid fried foods, and if you have with high blood pressure, salt. Reversing Heart Disease Through Exercise Any changes in your diet aimed at reversing heart disease will be minimally effective unless you also begin a regular exercise program. Consistent exercise will build up the heart muscle and allow it to pump blood more efficiently. You should have your doctor suggest an exercise program based on your heat's current state of health, and gradually increase its difficulty as your heart gets stronger.

An exercise program for reversing heart disease [] can begin with things as simple as parking further from the grocery store and using a regular shopping cart instead of a riding one. Moving for as little as fifteen minutes each day can start the process of reversing heart disease. The smartest way to handle heart disease, however, is to prevent it. By adopting some of the measures useful in reversing heart disease before it starts, you will enjoy a life full of the wellbeing which having a strong, healthy heart can give!

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==== ==== For free videos and the latest information about heart disease, please visit our site ==== ====

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