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Preparing a nursery for your little one is something that moms, dads and family members take very seriously. Parents are ready to put it all on the line when it comes to their babies. This includes the design and creation of a new nursery where their little angel will sleep. Of course you want this to be a wonderful room, but where do you begin? Just what do you need to know about preparing a nursery for a baby? When it comes to designing and preparing a nursery for that precious new addition, the sky truly is the limit. From paint to furniture to accessories to bedding, there really are many options to fit every budget, every need and every heart's desire. Whether you opt to find out the baby's gender beforehand or wait until the happy surprise is revealed all natural, it is a good idea to have a nursery set up prior to bringing your eagerly awaited baby to his brand new home. A great nursery features comfort, safety, and organization as well as just being absolutely adorable! There are many aspects that will come into play when designing and preparing a nursery that will easily and comfortably accommodate both baby and parents. You need to choose the color palette you will use and pale pastels generally dominate. Mint colored shades and soft muted tones are often preferred by parents. There is much evidence however that babies thrive in an environment with bolder colors and striking designs. You can always strike a happy balance by painting the room in the colors you prefer and then adding a wall border, mural or some pictures that feature black and white prints or bold geometrics that are pleasing and stimulating to the baby. Blues and pinks are often top color and fabric choices when preparing a nursery for baby, but what if you do not want to seem as though you are creating gender identification right off the bat. Another great alternative is to create a gender neutral nursery. With the use of neutral paint colors such as minty green or lemony yellow and coordinating them with the same type of bedding and accessories it is entirely possible to design a nursery that will be perfect for either a cute little boy or sweet little girl. Preparing a nursery in these colors can also keep the room warm, cozy and personal. Choosing gender neutral themes will also allow you to maximize the value of the space as the child grows. Preparing a nursery also includes the right furnishings and a great glider will come in handy when gently rocking a restless baby back to sleep as well as to provide comfort during feedings. If you are planning to nurse your baby an armless rocker may be a much better choice. Don't forget the importance of an ottoman that lets you elevate your tired feet while you are spending bonding moments with your baby.

A great baby nursery should be organized so that everything is kept neatly in place and there is a neat place to hold everything. Make sure you have a good quality changing table with several compartments available. This will offer you extra storage space to hold everyday necessities and will make it easier for you to tend to your little one. A crib, cradle or bassinet is a necessity so that baby will have a safe and comfortable place to slip. Those bedding sets are oh so cute and adorable and the bumper wrap keeps baby from inadvertently contacting those hard rails of the crib. If you want more bang for your buck when preparing a nursery then choose a convertible crib. Convertible cribs are a great way to help with the transition of a growing child when the time comes to move out of a crib and into a bed. Instead of putting the infant crib into storage after the first year or two it is able to be adjusted to fit the needs of toddlers and some styles are adjustable enough to be used by your child for many years. Other options used when preparing a nursery for a baby may include specialized window treatments to keep the outside light under control. Make sure you have a lamp in the room with a low watt bulb so that when you come into the nursery at night you do not have to startle the baby with harsh bright lighting. You might also want to consider using some special and treasured family heirlooms when you are preparing a nursery. If you are using a crib or cradle that has been passed along in the family or you have found one at a garage sale just make sure that it is not on a recall list or presents any danger to an infant or young child. Allergies can be a problem for many newborns and you can take a proactive stance by going green when you are creating your baby nursery. Thankfully in today's market, there are also many options to choose from if considering the use of eco-friendly products. It is important to remember that babies are very sensitive to chemicals and pollutants that are found throughout the environment, so choosing organic, non-toxic items when preparing the nursery will be a healthy benefit for your newborn.

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