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Protecting your Trading Capital! More than 90% of people trading the share market lose money and the major reason is because the majority do not use correct Money & Risk Management principles. Money Management, Position or Trade Sizing... No matter what you call it, You Better Know It! "Money Management is like sex: Everyone does it, one way or the other, but not many like to talk about it and some do it better than others. But there's a big difference: Sex sites on the Web proliferate, while sites devoted to the science of Money & Risk Management are somewhat difficult to find." Gibbons Burke NEVER Risk any more than 2% of Trading Capital on any one trade. e.g. If you have $30,000 your maximum risk is $600 but what many forget is to also cater for brokerage. If it's say $25 each way your maximum risk is now $550 and a stop is set appropriately so if your share drops in value by $550 you exit. Never Trade with more than 20% of Trading Capital on any trade. e.g. Again, if you have $30K your trade size would be $6000 but I prefer to use 19% so if I have 5 open trades and will still have 5% of my trading capital out of the market to allow for things like slippage, education, data, etc. Here is a simple mistake many make in relation to Trading Capital?e.g. My first trade, using the above example, is now worth $7000, up $1000 so I decide to open my second trade. The correct method is to first determine the share value if current trailing/profit stop is hit. You may be up $1000 but your trailing stop is set and if hit you make less, say $900 so the next calculation would be based on $30,000 + $900. "The only things in life that are certain is Death and Taxes!" Benjamin Franklin So it should be noted that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance but you can control the risk. It's the 21st Century and it's quite normal to manage one's own investments, yet very few implement disciplined, professional money risk management principles or understand them. During the stock market boom, limiting risk was always an afterthought, but given the recent volatility & market conditions, get serious! Professional Money and Risk Management strategies, used correctly and in conjunction, will be your foundation to trading success. Essentially, Money Management tells you how many shares to trade at any given time and Stop placement is where you must accept you have made the wrong

decision, close that trade and move on. It is a defensive concept that keeps you in the game to play another day. Don't confuse Money Management with Stop placement. Stop placement does not address the question, how much? Risk Management is the difference between success and failure when trading shares. It refers to Stop placement and will minimize any losses and you will have them but also maximise any profits and this stop is called a Trailing, Maintenance or Profit Stop. Money Management optimizes capital usage. Few have the ability to view their portfolios as a whole. Even fewer traders and investors make the move from a defensive or reactive view of risk, in which they measure risk to avoid losses, to an offensive or proactive posture in which risks are actively managed for a more efficient use of capital. JBL Risk Manager will help you do all of the above and more very easily. JBL Risk Manager is a simple but Professional Money Risk Management program that was specifically developed to combat the above problem BUT unfortunately the trial is currently only available to those that receive or have access to MetaStock format data via the internet. It will automatically calculate your Trade Size, Stop Loss price, Trailing Stop, Break-even price and so much more, based on the last close. It will, of course, also allow you to change your anticipated buy price to actual buy price (slippage) It will indicate when to look for another trade and also automatically report on your performance by showing you your portfolio %win-loss ratios, average $win-loss, trade expectancy and much more, accurately. I hope you give this program a trial. After more than a decade helping novice and seasoned individuals understand the importance of Money Risk Management I am pleased to say this simple program will do that. JBL Risk Manager Version 7 now also incorporates multiple portfolios, Van Tharp performance monitors and much more. You also have available to you a facility to enter a Technical Stop as your trailing Stop, if you wish, but after many years of testing and research I have found that most use Technical Analysis for entry and correct Money Risk Management for their exit. Long term investors may use Fundamental Analysis to find financially healthy companies first then TA for entry and MR Management for exit. Why not trial JBL Risk Manager today at our website I wish you all trading success! Joseph

Joseph Barrington-Lew has helped 1000's of novice and seasoned traders understand the importance of Money and Risk Management in their share trading decisions over the past 14 years here in Australia and Overseas. JBL Risk Manager now integrates with MetaStock format data readily available around the globe and was developed to gibe you the edge over most traders who are not familiar with correct Money Risk Management principles. More info at

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==== ==== For more information about managing your money in digitized formats, including software, please click this link. ==== ====

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