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It may sound odd that liver cleansing of gallstones is the ideal method for the removal of gallstones and not gallbladder cleansing. However, there are reasons why liver cleansing is the method that you should be undertaking to remove gallstones from your body. The function of the liver is mainly to produce bile. Bile moves from the liver to the common bile duct through a series of tubes. The common bile duct is attached to the gallbladder, which stores the bile. The gallbladder releases bile for the digestion of fats. Gallstones can therefore be present in the tubes in liver, common bile duct and in gallbladder. Gallstones act as breeding ground for bacteria and other parasites. As the stones increase in size, they hamper the functioning of the liver. When the number of gallstones increases, it drastically affects the production of bile. This leads to increase in the cholesterol levels. This is why liver cleansing of gallstones is important. Gallstones are calculus formed in the gallbladder or its ducts. There are several different types of gallstones. They also appear in different color and have cholesterol crystals attached to them. Even though most of them cannot be detected, they are still capable of blocking the small tubes in the liver. Gallstones during its initial development show no signs or symptoms. In the initial stage, gallstones are not calcified. They can hardly be seen and are of negligible size. Thus, they are rarely detected through x-rays. However, sometimes, in its early stage, the presence of gallstones can result in allergic symptoms in some people. When the gallbladder of these people are x-rayed or scanned, the gallstones may not show up. You may then think that you have no problems as there are signs of gallstones. However, gallstones may actually be lodged in the tubes in the liver. The gallstones will be slowly pushed by the bile into common bile duct and gallbladder. By this time, they will increase in size. This is why many people have digestive problems and pains even after the removal of gallbladder. They also find green coated stones after gallbladder removal. The green color is due to the presence of bile. During the advanced stage, when the pain intensifies, x-ray reports show big calculus in the gallbladder. Many would often opt for a gallbladder removal and this reduces acute pain. There are several natural methods of liver cleansing, however. Most of them involve the preparation of mixture from herbal products. You can easily perform a liver cleanse from your own home. There are many recipes that can be found in books or on sites dealing with alternative

treatment methods. You can also purchase liver cleansing herbal teas from health food store. Most of these cleansing teas do not produce any side effects. You should undertake periodical liver cleansing to eliminate various toxins from your body. Gallstones are unwanted substances. By storing them, you are inviting trouble. You should therefore flush them out before they cause severe problems.

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