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When you detoxify your body, your aim is to get rid of the toxicity in your organs of elimination such as the skin, kidneys, liver, lungs and bowel. This is an important step, as toxic load is stressful on your body. Unattended, this can result in a fragile immune system, chronic feelings of fatigue, and poor health. The body's autonomic mechanism is astonishingly effective at eliminating wastes and poisons from the system. Its functioning is enhanced when you detoxify your body with herbal teas that possess cleansing and detoxifying efficacy. The use of herbal teas is a time-honoured tradition. You can view herbal teas as high mineral drinks during the time when you detoxify your body. They give energy but save you the trouble of having to eat solid proteins or carbohydrates for fuel. Herbal teas are essentially body balancers, and their mild detoxification properties are easy for the body to utilise. The volatile oils and phenolic compounds in herbs are released by hot brewing water. When taken in small doses during the period when you detoxify your body, they bathe the tissues with concentrated natural support that promote cell regeneration and release of toxic waste. Generally, you can derive greater effect by taking herbs together than singly. To get the best results of herbal teas when you detoxify your body, use a non-metallic pot, such as ceramic or earthenware. Stainless steel, although acceptable, is not encouraged; avoid aluminium as it reduces herbal effects and the soft metal could leach into the tea. Pack loose herbs into a small tea ball, and heat about 3 cups of water until it boils. Once you remove the water from heat, add and steep the herbs, covered for twenty-five minutes if you are using a root or bark herbal tea, or ten to fifteen minutes for a leaf or flower herbal tea. Keep the lid tightly closed during steeping and storage. The volatile oils are the most nourishing part of the drink and, being volatile, will escape if left uncovered. Drink teas in small quantities over time rather than all at once, to allow the gradual build-up of the medicinal value in your tissues. Two or three cups taken daily render the best therapeutic effects. Bear in mind that each medicine, whether natural or man-made, has its medicinal properties. If not used correctly, you may get untoward effects instead of the desired therapeutic benefits. It is a good idea to read works on herbs and herbal teas and talk with an expert who studies herbs, before you begin using herbal teas to detoxify your body.

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