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Gout natural remedies are much sought after by gout sufferers who aren't happy with their mainstream drug-based gout remedies and recurring gout attacks. Gout natural remedies are safe and easy to use because these natural gout cures use every-day things you find at your grocery store. Listed here are 7 widely used natural gout cures...   Avoid Purine-Rich Food: You must avoid foods with high levels of purines. Purines are chemical compounds that we have in our bodies and some foods. Uric acid is formed when these naturallyoccurring purines break-down. So you see that in order to help reduce uric acid, gout sufferers need to reduce purines. You need to avoid foods like; red meat, offal, poultry, shellfish, gravy, peas, beans, lentils, yeast, yeast extract, etc. Also, avoid all alcohol, especially beer. A key issue in the gout natural remedies list.   Exercise: Strengthening exercises to improve muscles around joint. Rotational movements to lubricate joint. Exercise to help reduce weight and improve overall health. A surprising addition to a natural gout cures list.   Charcoal Poultice: Make a poultice using 1/2 cup of activated charcoal, 3 tablespoons of ground flaxseed and warm water. This will help draw out the toxins. Also take 1/2 -1 teaspoon of activated charcoal daily.   Hot / Cold Compresses: The application of alternate hot and cold compresses helps dissolve the uric acid crystals that are causing you gout pain in your joint(s). For hot use a hot towel, or, a bucket or basin filled with hot water (90 deg F). For a cold compress use ice cubes in a plastic bag. Apply hot for 3 minutes then cold for 30 seconds. Do this for 20 minutes and always finish with a cold compress.   Fruit and Vegetables: Eat 5 servings of fresh fruit and vegetables daily. Their water soluble dietary fiber content helps to naturally flush uric acid out of your system. But do not eat cauliflower, asparagus or mushrooms, they are known to encourage your gout.   Cherries: Cherry juice is a very popular natural treatment for gout. Not only cherry juice, but fresh and dried cherries. Anthocyanins in cherries have anti-inflammatory properties. One of the most popular and effective gout natural remedies.   Water: Drink at least 2 litres of water everyday. Water helps to flush excess uric acid out of your system. Excess uric acid is the cause of your gout and you need to work at reducing the uric acid levels in your bloodstream. Water is great for this, and your health in general. Again, a very important natural remedy.  

These 7 gout natural remedies are a great start in your search for natural gout cures. But they can only ever be a 'start'. These will relieve the gout symptoms you may be suffering right now, but, on their own they can't prevent your gout returning.   You do need to investigate a whole bunch of other issues that help determine a permanent gout remedy that suits your individual circumstances, e.g. weight, medical conditions, diet, body pH, family history and much more. If left untreated, recurring gout can lead to severely damaged joints and kidney problems in the future.

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==== ==== For free videos and the latest information about gout, please visit our site ==== ====

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