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The basics of "do it yourself" credit repair are very simple. The idea is to remove inaccurate information from your credit report. The information that many companies charge for or include as "free reports" attached to some other report that they are charging for can be found easily. Free credit repair information is available from various organizations. Real free credit repair services do not exist. Do it yourself credit repair software is being sold on the internet. Do it yourself credit repair information is being sold in the form of conventional and e-books. Sometimes free credit repair information is used as "bait" to attract interest in subscriptions to "credit info" magazines and newsletters. Often this information that companies are charging for is worthless. Free credit repair information is available from the Federal Trade Commission. Do it yourself credit repair is possible if you have three things to invest; time, patience and knowhow. Step one is to obtain personal credit reports from the three major credit bureaus. At one time this was a time consuming process in and of itself, but a recently enacted law has made at least this part easier. Consumers can now obtain copies of their credit reports from all three major credit bureaus at one website; This is free credit repair information that anyone can use, but misspellings will lead to impostor sites that are only trying to sell more stuff. It is understandable that companies want to make money, but to purposely mislead consumers seems wrong somehow. The next step to do it yourself credit repair is to evaluate the information on those credit reports. Beware, they are not easy to read, they may be several pages long and the company names that are listed may be unfamiliar. At this point, those who are easily overwhelmed give up, but the hardy keep going. They start writing the necessary letters or contacting the credit bureaus over the internet when possible. Even do it yourself credit repair is not free credit repair. It costs valuable time for one thing. In those situations where letters are necessary, it costs postage, of course. And, other than the annual free report, the credit bureau will charge for each subsequent report that is needed to verify that items have been removed. If your credit is not that bad and you only have a couple of items to be removed, then do it yourself credit repair may work for you. If, on the other hand, you have numerous items causing you problems, then do it yourself credit repair will be frustrating, time consuming and possibly ineffective. The credit bureaus may ignore requests that are not "worded" correctly and although they are required to investigate within thirty days, they sometimes ask for more information. Once that information is received, they have another thirty days to investigate. What at first seems like a free credit repair solution may turn into a nightmare.

There are reasonably priced options to do it yourself credit repair. This may not be free credit repair, but it will be effective credit repair. Although there are many companies which offer credit repair services, a legal firm, specializing in credit repair issues can offer the most effective services. If you choose a company that does not consist of a legal team familiar with credit law, then you may still end up disappointed. If you choose to try do it yourself credit repair, you may be disappointed. If you choose the right credit repair service, the only thing you will end up with is a better credit score. For more free credit repair information, visit the Credit Repair Blog.

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==== ==== For more information about repairing your credit in digitized formats, including software, please click this link. ==== ====

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