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Debt Management: What is It Debt management programs just manage your existing debts in a way well suited to you. This type of program is mainly beneficial to those who have already borrowed a huge sum from the creditors and are facing difficulty in repayment. When a person opts for debt management program, it becomes the responsibility of the concerned debt management company to manage the existing debt of the client. Debt Management: What is the Need According to a survey conducted, credit card debt has a share of 40% of the total debt at an average interest rate of 19%.92% of the monthly installment is paid as interest while only the remaining 8% goes towards the actual debt. And now it becomes obvious why debt management is needed. For the people living their life lavishly, repaying the debts is a tedious task. The prime cause lies in the fact that they can't control their expenditure and this in turn adds to their existing debts. To repay a debt they go for another debt and the burden keeps on increasing. And here debt management plays a vital role. It helps you in every possible way to become debt free. Debt Management: Helps in Repayment of over debts Taking assistance from a debt management company in the above mentioned situations is rather a better option than going for debt consolidation. What a person gets in debt consolidation is also a debt maybe at cheaper rate. There may arise situations in which the monthly repayment exceeds your monthly income, and then debt consolidation is of no use. In these cases a person should go for debt management. While going for debt management, you are not going for another loan but the debt management company takes a single fixed monthly payment which is paid to your existing loans. These companies can manage any debts between £3000 and £250000.When you approach a debt management company, it becomes the responsibility of the company to negotiate with your existing creditors over the monthly repayments. You have nothing to do with your lenders. The monthly repayment fixed by these companies will be payable and well within your limits. The advisors enquire about your monthly income and inevitable expenses. Monthly installments are fixed so that you can easily live your normal life. The debt management firms also negotiate with the client's creditors over the existing interest

rates so that the client gets the maximum benefit. Debt Management: Advantages Literally debt management has no drawbacks, only it should be kept in mind that the debt management company, to which you are approaching is registered. At the time you become a client of a debt management company, the agency deals with your existing creditors thereafter. After that you will not be receiving any phone calls and mails from your creditors. It will surely help you in minimizing your state of mental stress. These agencies can reduce your monthly installment up to 75%. Will it be not a big sum which you can invest anywhere else!

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==== ==== For more information about managing your debt in digitized formats, including software, please click this link. ==== ====

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