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Cancer is the worst of all the diseases known so far. And chemotherapy is a method of curing cancer. Cancer occurs as a result of improper cell growth. The chemotherapy employs anti cancer drugs which stops the growth of the cancer cells and destroy them. Though chemotherapy is efficient in curing cancer, side effect after the treatment is inevitable. Let us discuss the common damaging side effects which result due to the chemotherapy treatment. Hair fall is a common side effect experienced by most of the patients those are subjected to chemotherapy. Some people also develop bleeding disorders and mouth ulcers. Some patients may feel painful when they swallow. The most worrying factor is the damages occurred to the organs like lungs, livers and kidneys. As the period of chemotherapy for a patient increases, the possibility of these organs affected is more. Chemotherapy not only kills the cancer cells, but also some healthy cells on its way through. Because of this, there will be some sort of discomfort developed in the form of headache along with a sore neck. Normally in our body the count of WBC and RBC platelets are to be equal, to fight against infections and diseases. As soon as the chemotherapy is performed, there is a maximum probability of the platelets being altered in any one of them. This is highly dangerous as our body may be exposed to any sort of infections and diseases. But when all these factors are informed to the medical practitioner who performs the chemotherapy, he will try to minimize the side effects, so that the patients remain healthy.

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==== ==== For free videos and the latest information about chemotherapy, please visit our site ==== ====

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