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If you want to know if you can clean out your lungs quickly then you may be aware of the terrible lung diseases caused by tar from cigarettes and impurities that you breathe in that can live in your lungs intent of destroying your health. The answer is that the body already cleans the lungs of toxins and tar over time but it is a very slow process than can take up to 10 or twenty years of you were a heavy smoker! What this means is your body requires some help to clean out your lungs of the mucus and tar that has built up over time. Enter the lung detox. A lung detox is a way that you can give your body what it needs to eliminate the persistent tar that blocks your body's normal healing processes and take that 10 to 20 year chance of contracting lung cancer down to less than a year. This is done with a few different methods that involve adding vitamins to your diet, eating the right things and exercising your lungs. The end result is to kick the immune system into high gear so that it goes into overdrive cleaning and flushing the impurities from your body. The way to do this though is to remove the coating of tar from the lungs which this detox will do if you follow it carefully. To get started try these things:

Drink lots of water. 8-10 glasses a day can hydrate the body and replace stale water in your organs with fresher water. Eat more garlic and ginger which are almost magic foods that aid in lung health. Do more cardio work such as jogging and swimming to give your lungs the exercise they need to be strong

So can you clean out your lungs quickly? The answer is yes and there is an additional benefit if you are a smoker looking to quit. A lung detox can help you break nicotine addiction as well as help you break the psychological addiction to cigarettes by making smoking an unpleasant experience once the body starts to realize how much damage it is doing to it.

So stop asking the question can you clean out your lungs and start detoxifying those organs now with a lung detoxification program that has helped thousands be healthier and smoker free since 2006!

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