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Proper storage of autographed baseballs is a must. You should keep in mind that these are your most prized sports possession. Upon seeing them, you will be reminded of the glorious career path of your favourite baseball player. You will have to be mindful in the proper way of storing your baseball souvenirs especially those with the autograph of your favourite baseball stars. When you display your autographed baseballs, you must use a case for it. This will keep things organized and will prevent the damaging of the balls. The main goal of proper storage is to keep the signature from fading off the autographed baseballs. Find the best materials to use for your autographed baseballs. The material must be strong and durable enough to protect the item in the most possible way. You can check with Lucite case or acrylic material. The cover must be removable to hold the piece of the baseballs. You can find these store cases and display cabinets in various hobby shops in town. You may include your autographed baseballs with the rest of items you have collected throughout the years. Place them in your sports memorabilia cabinet and you can highlight these autographed baseballs by placing them in a pedestal that all your visitors can see. You may include the baseballs with your baseball card, baseball photos and even pins and caps. You can have your creativity going by making sports scrapbooks. You can possibly create a sports scrapbook that you can display and read through your future kids to inculcate with them how baseball made your life worthwhile. You can include photos of your autographed baseballs as you hold and aim on it. You can make an article about your autographed baseballs and post it in your scrapbook. If you have a continuous internet access you can make your own website or webpage to display your most prized sports souvenirs. Include in the website the important autographed baseballs you have. In this way, you can encourage other sports enthusiasts to make their own way of expressing their devotion to your most favourite type of sport. When choosing for the best display cabinet, you must choose hardwood cases. The case must shape like a baseball too. You have to keep in mind, that the inner surface of the cabinet must be smooth and round indentions to secure that the surface of the balls will not be marred and scarred. If you have a ball which has signatures of several baseball players, you can rotate the baseball from time to time. This will provide each signature of a player to be recognized. You can even include a small biography and research for career time line of the player. This can help the visitors associate the player and the successful years the player had at the height of a baseball career. You must protect the signatures from fading. Try using a clean cloth to cover the balls when nobody is viewing it. This autographed baseball is a timeless treasure you can share to everybody.

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