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Anger is a natural human emotion, often surfacing with the slightest annoying action by another. While anger is natural, it's anger mismanagement that truly hinders ordinary human relationships, because extreme anger may lead a person to be emotionally and physically abusive. Mismanaged anger is the leading source for divorce, domestic abuse, workplace violence, road rage and even various addictions. As a cure and prevention method, anger management classes are available, with professionally conducted anger management exercises. But, not many people are ready to admit they have temperamental problems and are reluctant to attend anger management classes. Because of this, it's good to know there's an information wealth out there for you to try and treat your anger before seeking professional help. Why exactly should we try to control our anger? Isn't it a proven fact that controlling your anger and not letting out the emotion is bad for a person? The reality is, anger should not be controlled, it should be managed. It's wordplay in a way, but the underlying fact is, controlling is when you try to order your mind not to get angry, while managing is when you negotiate with your mind about how to release anger. The best reason for managing your anger include the some of the simplest. Anger and happiness cannot co-exist, so when you are angry, you are not happy. Anger is also responsible for social breakdown, because if you are always flying off the handle with others, no one will want to associate with you. Mistakes are higher when you act in anger, because you are thinking with a red alert bleeping in your mind and let rational thinking take a dive out the window. If you are among the millions with anger issues, here are few great anger management tips to take control of it before everything goes haywire. Anger Management Tip 1 Analyze the objective of your anger. Will your anger be justifiable, even after ten years have gone by? What's the worse that could result if you didn't get angry? Think about how it would be if you were in the other person's shoes, would you still be angry? No matter if a person cuts in front of you on the road or supermarket queue, if the anger is not justifiable in the big picture, there's no point to getting angry at all. Anger Management Tip 2 Most often, people are just in a hurry and they don't intentionally try to harm you. If you get angry at mistakes by others, you shouldn't. You need to think why it would have happened that way, if it

really is the other person's fault. Admit to yourself that you may have made similar mistakes too. Anger Management Tip 3 Don't vent out your anger; this may seem a strange thing to say, as a decade ago, any psychiatrist would tell you keep a punching bag for beating up when you are angry. Modern research shows the more you practice a particular emotion, you are more likely to use it too, just like the age-old idiom "practice makes perfect". So, instead of venting out anger, concentrate on eliminating it completely by thinking of better, nicer things. Reminiscing about something you've truly enjoyed in the past will take you mind away from the current anger. Also, make use of the old method advising you to "count to ten". Except, without making a boring 1,2,3...give a twist to it, and count to make it fun, like "1-frosted cake, 2-frosted concentrating on the counting, you'll let go you of your anger.

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==== ==== For free video and more information about anger management, please visit our website ==== ====

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