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Gout is a type of arthritis that is caused by a toxic build up of uric acid in your body. This generally happens when your liver and kidneys are unable to get rid of enough of the uric acid by-product allowing the concentration to grow until uric acid crystal are deposited in and round many of the joint areas of the body. This can lead to extremely painful conditions within these joint areas such the feet (especially the big toe), ankles, knees elbows and wrists. In fact the severe pain within the big toe joint is one of the more common symptoms of gout that many people first notice. This build up of uric acid levels also causes a painful condition known as kidney stones in some people. 5 Key Symptoms of Gout 1. Joint Sensitivity As mentioned, joint sensitivity is one of the primary symptoms of gout and may be one of the best clues as to having a possible gout condition. Gout affected joints will be swollen, feel hot, irritated and very sensitive even to the slightest touch. Gout seems to target the big toe joint in many people causing a condition known as Podagra. Once this occurs even putting on a shoe and walking can become very painful. 2. Pain and Suffering Along with the sensitivity in the joints caused by the uric acid crystal deposits, come episodes of extreme pain anytime the affected areas are touched or used. Some people find one of the symptoms of gout to be painful attacks during the night which prevents them from sleeping. 3. Skin Itching and Peeling Another one of the very notice-able symptoms of gout is the itching sensation felt around the affected areas of the body followed by the peeling of skins. Often this only happens when the gout attack is finally begins to subside. 4. Red Colored Skin Yet another easy to recognize symptoms of gout is the reddening of the skin around the joint areas affected by the gout attack. For lots of folks this is very notice-able around the big toe. 5. Fever The body's reaction to a gout attack will often be the appearance of a fever or higher body temperature as the body defenses deal with the gout condition. Yet another one of the symptoms

of gout to be on the lookout for. It is very important not to ignore the symptoms of gout and to seek some type of gout treatment. While the gout attacks may eventually subside and things return to normal within hours or between 3-10 days, this condition never really disappears from the body. As soon as the uric acid levels in the blood reach concentrated levels again more crystals are deposited, and another attack will soon take place. Some people may go for years without an attack of gout, whereas other individuals suffer gout attacks on a weekly basis. What makes recognizing the symptoms of gout so essential is to ensure that you do seek either professional treatment or rely on some effective gout home remedies to deal with this condition. Failure to do so may allow the gout condition to reach the state known as chronic gout. This is the point when the disease has gone untreated for so long that it has caused unrepairable damage to body joints and perhaps the kidneys as well. In some extreme situations, gout has resulted in kidney failure and eventual death for the sufferer. Learning to recognize the symptoms of gout allows the victim to be proactive and seek gout treatment before any irreversible damage can be done to body joints or the kidneys. So consider the various symptoms of gout as the body's early warning system that there is something seriously wrong and you need to seek gout treatment.

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==== ==== For free videos and the latest information about gout, please visit our site ==== ====

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