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What Type Of Blogs Make The Most Money? – 10 Top Money Making Niches Revealed!

So you are wondering and searching to find out What Types Of Blogs Make The Most Money? Well, congratulations you just found the right place as I will, in this article give you full on Examples Of Blogs That Make Money as well as popular and thriving Blog Topics That Make The Most Money. But, Firstly, let me ask you a little question!. Do you know what the singularly most difficult thing is about Affiliate Marketing and Blogging is?. "Opportunities don’t happen, you create them." Chris Grosser #BloggingTips #Quotes It is not finding what to blog about - I laugh in the face of that! There are literally thousands and thousands of niches out there!. Most definitely You can rule out a lack of keywords - Every niche has quite literally MILLIONS of keywords right there for the taking! It is not the competition either!. Sure each and every niche has it own "King Pin" and really good top quality blogs out there but most blogs are of average quality and a lowish Authority in the sector. can with time rub shoulders with the "King Pins" in your niche area.

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Join my 7 day free courseand discover all that you need to know to build a successful blog! Sign up for A Free Account With They Guy's that taught me! And Get Full Success Coaching And Assistance from me!. If you plan on building an email list And Properly Owning Your Traffic, start a free trial of ConvertKit "So, Derek!" I hear you say.... "What is that most difficult thing?" It is getting started and getting the right training, getting yourself set up for success from the very start, from day darn one baby!. Throughout this article I will go a step further that what other sites and reveal Top Money Making Blogs In each niche mentioned to help you on your way to succeeding online and in that niche and I will show you exactly where you can get top class affiliate marketing training. Keep reading to find out what type of blogs make the most money and where you can get world class affiliate marketing training!. 7 DAY FREE BLOGGING COURSE Discover All That You Need To Build An Awesome Blog! Sign up now and get started today with My FREE course!

What Type Of Blogs Make The Most Money? There are, as I have already mentioned an almost unlimited number of niches to chose from and even more when you niche down and discover sub niches and sub markets within a given niche area. So, lets get straight to it and talk about What Types Of Blogs Make The Most Money and help you to get on your way to successful and profitable blogging!. I recommend And Suggest that you bookmark this guide and article (Ctrl +D) so that you can come back to it and start reading where you left off and not miss out on any of the awesome tips and techniques Better still, take a few seconds to sign up for my 7 day 100% Free E-course on blogging and you will get absolutely everything you need to succeed delivered via email over the next week!

Examples Of Blogs That Make Money In this section I will discuss the niches in which you can legitimately start a blog in and make some real good money. I will also provide some excellent examples for your to follow and gain inspiration from. 2/18

The Blog Topics That Make The Most Money! Parenting Blogs It is absolutely no secret that parenting blogs, of both types, are gold mines! particularly mommy blogs. Starting A Mommy Blog is something that you can do easily and, lets be honest here, if you are a parent you are not exactly going to be spending hours and hours on research for your articles as your own point of view and life experience is something that will carry you through - not to mention your own passion to be a better parent and to help other mom's out there too to become better at raising their kids. 7 DAY FREE BLOGGING COURSE Discover All That You Need To Build An Awesome Blog! Sign up now and get started today with My FREE course! Having studied the niche and the market potential I can in all honesty tell you that what you can achieve both traffic and income wise is very much unlimited. Many of these mommy blogs turn out to be lifestyle blogs for parents as they expand to include general family life. As an example of what you can do with a deal of effort and savvy blogging know how, mommy on purpose blog owner Carly reported here that inside her first year her blog exploded to 400,000 visitors and a sweet $5,000 monthly income. And that, is pretty good income for a stay at home and work from home mom!. Well done Carly!.

Other Top Money Making Blogs in this sector that can inspire you to blogging brilliance include:


Get the right training and you can certainly emulate the success achieved and shared by those rather excellent sites mentioned above. If you think mommy blogs have a limited period of time for you to write content for or to maintain - get real! Parenting blogs can expand from pregnancy to dealing with teenagers and older kids of that 18+ age range to well, university graduation to preparing for your daughters/son's wedding and what to do if you don't get along with their partners family. ...and you can expand into the topic of empty nesting!. What we talking about here 25-30 years and beyond!.

Lifestyle Blogs Having mentioned lifestyle blogs above, you can certainly get paid to blog about your life and make some pretty darn good money from it too!. Lifestyle blogs are generally speaking those kind of blogs that are hard to pin down to one particular niche or market as lifestyle bloggers tend to cross markets and blog about 2-3 specific topics and on occasions more. They tend to blog, informing their audience in regards to their opinion and experiences regarding the certain topics that they blog about. Done well and top end bloggers in this sphere can end up with brand partnerships with leading well known corporations!.

WARNING! Taking My FREE 7 Day Blogging Course May Very Well Result In You Winning Back Your Financial Freedom, Causing Tremendous Personal Satisfaction & Living Out The Life Of Your Dreams. Common topics covered by lifestyle bloggers include: Fashion Beauty Travel Food/Cooking Healthy Living Parenting Fitness Relationships Some may even blog about blogging as an additional topic. Stand out blog in the Lifestyle blogging sector is HBFIT which is run by Hannah Bronfman, an dis incredibly popular. HBFIT stands of Health Beauty Fitness and TV, but I slightly suspect that there is a double intended meaning with the HB also being the initials of the site owner. Very smart Hannah! 4/18

Other Top Money Making Lifestyle Blogs Include: As you can imagine lifestyle blogs are pretty huge and popular. The best approach here is to start small and think big!. Start off covering just 2 specific topics, cover them well, gain traction with search engines and on social media, building your following and expand into other areas diversifying your sites interest as your grow it. Get My FREE Guide "How To Make Money With A Blog" Here!

Because You Want To Build A Top Money Making Blog And Get Off To The Best Possible Start! The Question Is: Do You Want To Waste Your Valuable Time Spinning Your Wheels Or Do You Want To Get Started In The Best Possible Way?!?

Baby Blogging When you asked that question "What Type Of Blogs Make The Most Money?" I am willing to bet that you never thought of or considered the enormous potential that the baby blogging niche has. Well, Everyone loves babies right? and the vast majority of will have one or will have had one at some point in our lives and well all just know someone who has just had a baby!. And aren't those little cuties just so darn life changing and expensive? And you know what that means, right???


...There are plenty of products to write about and recommend from daipers to potty training programs to baby walkers and strollers, not to mention a whole plethora of products and cute little clothing items!. Yup!. Baby blogging could end up with your bank account baby booming, just like Caroline of Swaddles'n'Bottles who reports a 5 figure monthly income..from baby blogging!. And that is the kind of income I am talking about when it comes to Top Money Making Blogs!

Other awesome baby blogs that are absolutely rocking it in this niche. These are great well designed sites that are getting awesome traffic and making some really sweet income. These blogs provide you with plenty of inspiration and ideas as well as giving you rock solid idea of what a successful site in this niche consists of.

Warning! - F.O.M.O ALERT! Fear Of Missing Out On Taking My FREE 7 Day Blogging Course May Lead To You A Melancholic State Of Infinite Sadness Due To Missing Out On The Opportunity To Change Your Life For Ever And For The Better, Leaving You With The Eternal State Of Mind Thinking "What If I Actually Built That Darn Blog!"

Health And Wellness Health blog are huge! and people are always searching for stuff related to Health And Wellness and general well being. The audience in this particular market is absolutely massive, quite literally you are speaking to half the world! thus to succeed in this very lucrative niche I very much advise that you niche down and find a particular area of health and wellness that you can dominate with greater ease. There are tons of product for affiliates on amazon and many more independent programs. There is no shortage of advertising revenue to be gained either from having display ads on your site. A simple way of niching down is to select a particular sector of health and wellness and identify a group of people that you can target. 6/18

A great example could be Yoga for Over 50's, Healthy Eating For Diabetics, or Fitness Routines For People With A Heart Condition. You are limited only by your own creativity and there being enough of a crowd to be interested in your site. A particularly awesome site in the health and wellness area is Avocadu, which is run by two health crazy individuals that met...on Tinder, of all places! They are genuinely dedicated to helping people to live a better and healthier lifestyle. They also make no secret of the fact that they are highly successful online and Pinterest in a huge and fave source of traffic for them.

One of the keys to being a successful blogger in any niche is to be helpful, to genuinely help people like Lauren and Alex do in their Avocadu site. Help people in their problem areas and, genuinely help them they will flock and return to your site, trust and make buying decisions based on your recommendations. Other Brilliant blogs in the health and wellness area to check out are: 7 DAY FREE BLOGGING COURSE Discover All That You Need To Build An Awesome Blog! Sign up now and get started today with My FREE course!

Saving Money - Frugal Living There is absolutely no doubt about it - There is a TON, a humongous amount of money to made in the money saving and frugal living market. Given that websites tend to sell for anything from 20x to 30x the monthly income we are looking at something in the $7m-$10m USD region...MONTHLY!. Just think about that! all you need is a tiny fraction of that and you have a very successful site on your hands. While Money Saving Expert is a huge all encompassing site your best bet here is to go much narrower and get more targeted. 7/18

Frugal Living Tips for Students or single parents or large families are all great ideas as is money saving tips for travellers or retirees.

While making a site like money saving expert is a humongous task - unless you very deep pockets and an army of writers working for you. You will find these smaller and successful blog in the are as more "real life" examples of what you can achieve with some hard work, effort and patience. All of these frugal living blogs are most certainly in the group of blogs that make the most money in the frugal living niche. Use them for great inspiration if you are aiming to make money blogging.

#FACT I Absolutely LOVE Helping People, I Reply To All Emails, By Taking My FREE 7 Day Blogging Course You Get My Personal Attention And Coaching. All Your Questions Will Be Answered As Quickly As I Can. I Really Do Want You To Succeed And Win Back Your Freedom And To Live The Life You Have Always Dreamed Of. It Is Time Now To Take Action And Stop Procrastinating!.

Interior Design And Home Decor There are a lot affiliate commissions swirling around in this niche simply due to the cost of renovating or redecorating your home. Think at it? Last time you decorated your house how much did you spend? How often do you decorate or redesign your home? A lot of money and often, right!.


Well take 5% to 10% of your expenditure as what you could earn in commissions per customer!. once established you will be multiplying that figure by 10, 100, even a 1000 or more!. Proof in the pudding that you really don't need to be an interior design profession or any experience at all comes in the shape and form of Chrisy and her site The Harper House. Evidently she has worked hard on her blog and has an excellent eye for interior design - something most women are born with!. She has build a truly brilliant blog from which she earn a full time income from, something that you can do too, given top class and top quality affiliate marketing training.

There are many blogs in this sector to inspire you. If you are into interior design and home decor check them out for inspiration!. There is plenty of inspiration to be found in those quite brilliant blogs, I am sure you will agree!. Get My FREE Guide "How To Make Money With A Blog" Here!

Because You Know There Is A Lot Of Money To be Made As A Blogger!. The Question Is: Do You Want To Work For Yourself Or Continue Slaving Away For Someone Else?!?

Fashion Blogging Fashion bloggers can make some wild money and most certainly Top Money Making Blogs give that a blogger with some hard work and effort can pitch a brand partnership to leading brands! Some of which fall in the Million buck as year category!. ..And that is absolutely freaking awesome!. I honestly cannot believe just how much traction and attention to popular blogs and blogger that brands give. 9/18

Also, additional monetization methods can come from affiliate marketing, display ads, selling of ad space and sponsored posts. One of the absolute stand out Fashion Blogs is Pink Peones, it is one of the sites that can boast of a million dollar ambassadorship deal with a leading brand - namely Nordstorm.

As you can imagine starting a fashion blog can indeed be whole lot of fun. Top get your creative and diva juices flowing have a real good look at these sites for inspiration!. Plenty of inspiration to get started fashion blogging, keep in mind that these really are blogs that earn a lot of money online, particularly when you land a brand partnership deal!.

Food Blogs Food Blogging, like fashion blogging has plenty of rich pickings, in fact, the industry is worth over a trillion USD!. ....and we all have to eat!. Which, makes every adult a potential reader of your food blog, meaning if you have a passion for food or indeed are a chef you genuinely have a darn good reason to get off your butt and start a food blog!. Obviously, it is just to difficult to start a general food blog covering all and everything under the sun, key here is to be more specific and targeted and a particular way of tackling this market is to pick a type of cuisine such as, Italian, Indian, Mexican and Thai, for example. Another such way is a blog specialising in starters, baked food, easy cook meals, smoothies, vegan recipes, and so on.


As long as you can come up with a specific food niche and there is a sufficient audience interested you are good to go!. One of the absolute most awesome and inspiring foodie blogs out there is The Kitchn having had a good look at its stats using pretty powerful SEO analysis tools I can assure you that the traffic generated by this site is frightening! And more traffic = more money, thus I can say confidently that site makes and absolute bucket load of money - month in and month out!.

Some top money making blogs in the food blogging industry to inspire and motivate you into getting started with your own blog include: These super uber cool cooking blogs should provide you with plenty inspiration to get started with your own foodie blog. 7 DAY FREE BLOGGING COURSE Discover All That You Need To Build An Awesome Blog! Sign up now and get started today with My FREE course!

Travel Blogs There is absolutely no doubting it Travel blogs make money!. How you thing all these funky travel bloggers pay for their travels? and the lucky so and so's have that tendency to travel the globe on a non stop basis!. To quote a few figures the travel industry is worth hundreds of billions of USD annually and boast 2/3rd of that revenue is from the digital economy. And the screams out to me as travel blogging being something definitely worth getting into!. If you were wondering if you can make money travel blogging the answer is a resounding "hell yeah baby!"

11/18 One absolute stand out travel blog is run by Matthew Karsten of Expert Vagabond. Give the Ahref's rating, Moz DA, Alexa Rank and few other things I have looked I can absolutely raise my right hand and tell you that this site get an absolutely stunning amount of traffic!. Which mean a fair amount of wonga is being made by this site alone!. And there is no reason as to why You can't do so as well when you have undergone the proper and world class training.

Other absolutely brilliant Travel blogs that make the most money include the following: There is plenty of inspiration to be had in those blogs mentioned if you are seriously considering becoming a travel blogger. 12/18

Beauty Blogs Women, and increasingly men, spend an absolute fortune on beauty products and on a regular basis ranging from branded cosmetics to skin care products to elegant scented perfumes. Mostly, clientele are repeat buyers online and tend to loyal to both brands and sites that offer very real and actionable tips and advice. As far as beauty blogs go few, very few are as excellent, well designed and successful as Lisa Eldridge.

Other brilliant beauty blogs to inspire you to blogging brilliance include to following: All of these blogs above a are top money making blogs in the beauty blogging sector and they ought to fill you with plenty of inspiration, motivation and ideas for your very own site. One day, not so long ago all these blogs were new!. Get My FREE Guide "How To Make Money With A Blog" Here!

Because You Know That You Can Make A Top Money Making Blog!. The Question Is: Do Have What It Takes To Follow Your Dream Or Are You Just Gonna Let It Be a Day Dream?!?

Starting A Top Money Making Blog After reading, studying and analysing the types of blogs that make the most money, 13/18

which was an in depth analysis over 10 different niches I did discover a few commonalities which you can take heed of when you are getting started with your very own blog.

They Are Targeting A Specific And Targeted Audience This is something that is of great importance. The successful sites in each of the niches mentioned were writing for and to a predetermined audience rather than everybody and anybody interested in the topic. Being laser targeted is better than being like a search light.

The Bloggers Were Absolutely Passionate About Their Blogging Topic With absolutely no exception all of the site owners were vibrant and buzzing about the subject in which their blog was created around. In some of the site you could almost literally feel that passion. I have absolutely no doubt that this passion is what helped them to get through the dark days when they were getting no traffic and no sales! (How all blogs begin!). What are you passionate about? (comment below!) I am willing to bet you can turn that into a profitable blog!

They Were Very Knowledgeable About The Subject The level of knowledge and quality of information coming through in all of the blogs was extremely high. This is something that they were not born with, nobody, absolutely nobody was born an expert - they acquired the knowledge through experience and hard work. What are you willing to work hard at? What do you want to become an expert in or be known as an expert for? Again, I am darn sure there is a money making opportunity in that for you as an affiliate marketer and blogger.


Top bloggers are highly knowledgeable of their topic.

All Of The Top Blogs Were Helpful

This should really drive through something that I write about a lot on this site, create helpful content. All of the sites I checked out helped their audience in someway or another be it to get fitter, more beautiful, stylish, to be better parents or good travel advice to give you and idea. Thus you can clearly see being helpful is a key trait of becoming a successful blogger. How can you help people in your niche? What are your audiences pain points and how can you help them? Have a good think about those questions.

They Were Well Connected In Their Niche Area This is something that comes with the territory of being a top blogger in any given niche area. Once your blog grows, gains traction you start to get noticed and people, other top bloggers will want to connect and associate themselves and their brands and blogs with you. Keep this in mind and make connections from the very beginning when you start your blog. 7 DAY FREE BLOGGING COURSE Discover All That You Need To Build An Awesome Blog! 15/18

Sign up now and get started today with My FREE course!

They Used Multiple Monetization Strategies Pretty much all of the top blogs in the 10 money making niches that were covered used at least 2 strategies to generate revenue for their blogs. Predominantly speaking the two methods were affiliate marketing and display ads. It is always a great idea to diversify your income strategies and methods to ensure the long term success of your blog.

What Type Of Blogs Make The Most Money? - The Conclusion! Now that you have seen and know which blogs make the most money what are you going to do about it? The way I see it - you have 2 choices. Do nothing, and let your dream of earning money online and building a very real business be just that - a dream and shuffle along nicely and get on with the rest of your life and be happy with your (very) limited time freedom and annoying boss and work colleagues. Or...... You can get off your backside take action and start building an online business and blog about something that you are very passionate about and make money from it and end up quitting your job winning back your time and financial freedom in the process. It is really a question of your personal preference would your rather trade your freedom and give up your time for your current job or would your rather work for yourself and work when you want and from pretty much where you feel like!. (and I do mean from anywhere! I am currently writing this article from Central Vietnam!). The choice is yours!.

Take Action! That is what I would do...and did! and won back my life and freedom. Take action!. Take massive action, and remember the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. I'll ask you to take that simple single step... Learn Blogging, get fully mentored by myself, get started on your way to starting in affiliate marketing with truly world class training, the support of a massive and thriving community and all the tools that you need to succeed...and the personal mentoring of yours truly (me) anytime you need it day or night!. 16/18

First, lets find out if blogging is for you and let me help you to find your niche, Just take that first step and bang your email in the red box below and take part in my 7 day blogging e-course and grab my free ebook "How To Make Money With A Blog".

Are You SERIOUS About Making Money Online? Grab My 100% FREE Guide For Beginners And Learn How To Build A Sustainable Business On The Internet By Doing It The Right Way! I hope you popped your email in that big box above and grabbed your freebies!. If you have any questions about What Type of Blogs Make The Most Money simply 17/18

leave a comment below and I will get right back to you as quickly as I can. To Your Success And Blogging Best. Derek.


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What Type Of Blogs Make The Most Money | BloggersHQ  

What Type Of Blogs Make The Most Money | BloggersHQ So you are wondering and...

What Type Of Blogs Make The Most Money | BloggersHQ  

What Type Of Blogs Make The Most Money | BloggersHQ So you are wondering and...