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How To Find Keywords For A Website


How To Find Keywords For A Website [UPDATED 2019] – The Ultimate Guide For Finding Awesome Keywords!

The difficult thing about keyword research is not How To Find Keywords For A Website it is finding the right ones for your website that will win your both traffic and revenue.

The big issue with the wrong keywords is poor rankings, zero traffic, zero sales, nada, zilch!. As the old SEO joke goes "where is the best place to hide a dead body?"

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So don't waste your time or effort on finding those "awesome" keywords that you just won't ever rank for instead check out this article and try the techniques, methods and tools to find the great keywords that you can, and will rank for.

How To Find Keywords For A Website

Quick Navigation Once you have selected your niche site of choice and done your research into your niche market, keyword research and finding good keywords that you can rank is the bread and butter of your new business!.

It is probably much more than that as they, keywords will form the backbone of your business!.

Some have described it as the engine that drives (free organic traffic) to your business.


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How To Find Keywords For A Website - The Ultimate Guide For Finding Awesome Keywords!

As a marketer and niche site owner keyword research and sniffing out those keywords thatyou are going to create content around is a skill that you have to learn, a muscle that youhave to develop!.

There is no way around that fact and no avoiding it.

The great news is that once you fully get into the flow you end up with tons of keywordsand tons of great ones that you could create content around!.

Keywords are everywhere - quite literally!. And that is the very name of the first tool that Iinsist that you get!. And don't worry, it's free it's a simple chrome extension, it's easy toinstall and set up...and I have a lovely video showing you how!.

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What Is A Keyword?

I could almost see some of you there, scratching your heads asking "What The Heck Is a Keyword, Anyway?".

Let's answer that first as it is a term that you see, hear and read about a lot during your blogging and niche site marketing journey.

A Keyword or keyword phrase is simply words and phrases which internet users enter into search engines like google, yahoo and bing to find what they are looking/searching for.

Other terminologies worthy of note are longtail and short tail keywords. These refer to the length of a keyword. A short tail keyword is generally speaking 3 words or less and a longtail keyword is 4 words or more.


One is not necessarily better than the other but as we move towards a world where voice search is being performed more frequently by various apps and voice assistants as well as hardware, particularly smartphones.

I do believe we are moving in the direction of longtail keywords and keywords that are grammatically correct and with correct spelling. Research does indicate that voice search is resulting in searches containing more words on average.

Definitely, something to keep in mind!. Example: Food best for dog Vs Best food for a dog. The latter is obviously the better choice of keywords due to being grammatically correct. Black dress suit for ladies Vs Blak dress suit for ladies.

Similarly, the first keyword is better than the latter due to the misspelling of the word black, the exception to this rule is when what appears to be a miss spelling is a product or brand name for example:

Pure Black Shilat Resin Review Vs Pur Black Shilajit Resin Review. The latter is the better choice as Pur Black is a particular and popular brand of shilajit resin.

When it gets down to the nitty-gritty of keyword discovery and research I am very lucky! maybe extremely so as it is a skill that I am very good at and have never had a problem when it comes down to finding those keywords and what to create articles about and sniffing out if I can rank for such a term or not.

I guess I am a natural at it. And I don't mean that in a boastful braggy way. I consider myself lucky!. Perhaps it's a blogging gift that I have been blessed with!

Please do allow me to show you some techniques on your keyword research hunt that will help you find them and above all rank for them.

Perhaps even I'll pass on the don of finding great keywords.

I'll do this involving some real handy and nifty free tools! or free but limited versions of paid tools as to not impact your budget so much!.

..I am a Scotsman, I know about building niche sites on a budget!.

But, if you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate like I am, you will have access to the premium version of Jaaxy as it is included in your membership fee.

In my article "How To Find A Niche Market - The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Most Profitable Niche Markets" we have done our niche site research and stumbled upon a great and viable niche.

Let's us use that very niche as an example as I go on a mission and show you.....


How To Find Keywords For A Website!

Ok, before I dive right in go grab a pen or pencil and a notebook and be ready to take some notes as you learn some pretty amazing ways to find keywords for your blog and Do remember to bookmark this guide and the site/tools that I mention and feel free to refer back to this guide and the tools.

And really do get that notebook and pen - You are going to replicate what I am doing and find hundreds if not thousands of keywords!.

Pro Tip: Open up a spreadsheet with one column for the keywords and other columns for the number of searches and competition that a keyword has. This way you will have a searchable and sortable selection of keywords. Smart!.

Keywords Everywhere

The very first part and step is to install the free app/chrome plugin that I mentioned earlier. It is also available for Firefox.

To get it simply got to Keywords Everywhere website and click the appropriate button and install the app on your browser.

Here is an awesome video from the makers for this very handy tool. Watch it and install it. It is going to come in handy, very handy!.


How To Find Keywords On Google

Google Autosuggest


The very first tool we are going to use is good ol' google search engine and it's autosuggest feature. Simply head on over to Google's home page. And type in your niche's main keyword. You could go a step further and type in the secondary keywords and take note of them.

Let's see what keywords came up for our case study niche!.

Note: "Potty Training la gi" is Vietnamese for "What is Potty Training".And Viola, right of the bat and out of the starting gate we have 9 viable keywords that wecould investigate further using correct full English (e.g Potty Training for boys, Pottytraining for girls).

We can exclude potty training puppy as this is not the subject of our niche, I alreadychecked out the What is Potty Training? (both with and without the question mark). They,as expected reveal a whole set of keywords on their own.

Thank to you being a proper smarty pants you will have installed Keywords everywhere andactivated it and seen the search volume and competition as well as the CPC (cost per click)for the keywords that are revealed to us by using this method.

Cost Per Click is a form of paid online advertising and indicates how much a keyword willcost if using such advertising methods, namely PPC - pay per click advertising.

It is a sign of commercial intent and viability of a keyword and that people in a given nicheare paying for advertising.

It's a great sign of the viability of a niche also.


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The other number is the keyword difficulty rating. Anything under 0.30 is rankable. For a new site, stick to 0.20 as a competition maximum.

Straight away I can see that: Potty Training Tips 14,800 searches/month and $1.53 CPC with competition 0.31 Potty Training Age 14,800 searches/month and $1.95 CPC with competition 0.14 Potty Training In 3 Days 14,800 searches/month and $0.72 CPC with competition 0.16

Are all pretty good and viable for us to create content around and rank, and get some nice traffic from!.

Google's Related Searches Feature

While you are sniffing out and wondering exactly how to find keywords for a website try checking those keywords related to your niche that the rather lovely autosuggest feature on Google has thrown your way scroll to the very bottom of the page a see what big G has to say!.

Related searches can also be a nifty way of finding keywords. Do be aware if this area is blank or there are terms that are not related to or have nothing to do with your niche. You might want to have a rethink in regards to the niche as this is a big sign, a huge flashing neon sign that you may have not chosen the right niche.

From this list, we can see that Potty Training Schedule, Potty Training Videos and Potty Training Problems are good for us. Plenty of traffic and little competition and people paying for clicks.

Alphabet Soup Technique


This is a pretty ninja technique when it comes down to finding keywords for your website or blog. It is pretty cool, pretty obvious and reveals some pretty awesome keywords!.

Here is what you do!. Type in your niche related keyword and then A (as shown below) and see what googles auto-suggest feature brings up. And then continue through the alphabet, noting down in your notebook or your spreadsheet for later use.

The alphabet soup technique reveals dozens and quite literally hundreds of keywords! This is actually one of my favourite keyword research techniques. Best of all its completely free!. On a side note, this technique has revealed a subniche that I mentioned in my article How To Find A Niche Market .

Worthy of mentioning that if you are a member of the niche market and blogging training portal and social network for webpreneurs that is better known as Wealthy Affiliate, you will have access to Jaaxy, a premium keyword research tool which can perform the alphabet soup technique for you!.

Definitely a time saver! and is included in your WA membership.


Jaaxy's rather handy built-in alphabet soup feature.

Use Google Chrome!

More often than not you will see a blog post or article that you really love, it strikes a chordwith you and you want to emulate it for your site. There is nothing wrong with that as longas you don't copy it verbatim!.

On that funky and awesome article look at the words used after the website name, likeMysite .com/This-Article-Probably-Has-Its-Keyword-Here-Somewhere!You can also look at the title and headings for clues for what the keyword might be.

Alternatively, and particularly if you are a little geeky once you are on the site click Ctrl andU together (on a windows powered laptop or desktop or control +option +U on an Apple).

The result is something that looks like this:


Ctrl+U reveals the code behind a website. The next step is to use the search and find facility which is very simple to do.

You want to find what the H1 and H2 Tags are by just pressing Ctrl and F and then in the search box enter H1 as I have done.

You can also type in "Keywords" in the search box, hit enter and see the keywords revealed!.

Nice and easy, but rather geeky way of finding your competitors keywords.

Finding Product Related Keywords On Amazon

Just like in our niche hunting guide where I showed you how Amazon reveals very viable niches and does that hard work for us. Billionaire Bezos is our bitch again as Amazon just shows us some pretty awesome buyer related product keywords!.

And I pretty sure that you have seen them all the time! you just never know where to look for them, or perhaps how to see or view or notice keywords.

See right there!! Keywords. Great keywords to write product reviews around. AwesomeAmazon! just awesome!.


One of the better things is, when you click on one of those products, as shown in the photoabove a whole treasure chest of product-related keywords are revealed.

This entire page is almost completely made up of juicy keywords, ripe and right there for picking!. From the image above you can see, there is an almost unlimited supply of keywords on display at the online retail giant that is Amazon. You just gotta know where to look, how and dig them!. That is exactly how to find keywords for a website using Amazon

This image (above) you can see plenty potty training seat covers to review and more than enough for a "best" or "top" style article.

How To Find Keywords On eBay!

Finding keywords on eBay is not too different to that of the Amazon marketplace that we have performed above. A little different in the way in which it laid out, but none the less it gives us some pretty good keywords.

Let's see what happens when we enter a product keyword into the eBay search box!.

eBay throws us some interesting keywords right below the search box.As we can see in blue, below the search box eBay, like amazon does that hard work for us!.


That is not where it ends for eBay, it ends at the.....end of the webpage at the very bottom.So scroll down!

More Keywords thanks to the auction based website!. In case you wondering, eBay may very well have revealed some of our potential competitors to us, for us to go and check out what their content is like. Also, it might have in these ads some independent product owners that have their own affiliate program!.

Clicking on any one of the products listed we end up with something very similar to what we have seen on amazon....and even more buyer ready product keywords!.