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Create a Viral ‘Infection’ With Resale Rights Reports

Congratulations! You’ve almost completed this video series. This video is the last video of this Affiliate Blogging Secrets video series. In the last 2 videos, we talked about marketing. And this last video talks about creating a viral ‘infection’ with resale rights reports or in other words if you don’t want to think about viral infection, it’s really using viral marketing. I realized that some of you might think, “Infection? Eew. Viral?” It’s actually a good thing. The point of this, we are actually using viral marketing to spread and flood the market with your resale rights reports. That’s the whole goal and that’s why, ‘viral infection.’ Our point is to use viral marketing so that we can get other people to build a list for you and to drive traffic back to your blog. This is a layout of what it looks like and after this slide, I’m actually going to go to Google and show you how to create a free report or create reports and get some ideas on how to do that. As you can see at the bottom of the arrow, the first thing that you need to do is create a report. The report needs to be packed with high quality content. This is not something where you can just take a report, pack a bunch of stuffs together and that’s it. Unless you know the market that you are going into well. That’s why I say, go into something that you’re passionate about. If you are passionate about something, then it is easier for you to create a report on it. So pack that report with high quality content. Let’s say the guidelines need to at least be about 10 pages – at least. No more than 15 or 16 pages. Otherwise, you are going to be creating an E-book. Create a short report, pack it with high quality content and make sure the report refers back to your site. In other words, the report is most likely going to be a PDF file. In the beginning of the PDF file, you’d want to say something like: “This report was created by (you, so and so). If you would like to get another free report on a similar topic, then go here.” The point is that you are trying to get people back to your site. People know that you created the report, yes. But they are not on your list. You create another free report that relates to that report or build upon that report. If you do that, then people will come back to your site, people come back to your blog, they can get more information therefore, they can sign up onto your list. Creating a report is a very easy thing to do. But mainly the most important thing is the content. In addition to that, the planning process that you put into the product creation.

Now if you are really busy and you don’t really have a lot of time on your hands, you can always get somebody else to do it. If I were to recommend a site that has good writers, I would recommend There is a lot of freelance sites out there where you can go to but I would definitely recommend If you are looking for another option, Rentacoder is another good site. The name kind of deceives you. You think it’s only for coders and software coders but really, I’ve found some of the best writers off this site. You do have to keep in mind that when you do create a project bid, there will be some people out there that just cannot write but for the most part, if you look carefully, you’ll find diamonds in a row. People that can do a great job as far as finding good content and doing a proper research. Another thing you could do is buy or download private label rights articles. Private label rights are Ebooks or anything like that. It allows you to basically put your name on it. Now I wouldn’t just recommend that you put your name on it and that’s it. That’s not what you want to do. You’d want to use private label rights products simply to get the idea. For example, let’s say you take a private label rights article and since I am dealing with relationship breakups, I can find 1 or 2 about relationship breakup articles. I take the article and I take several points in the article that really stand out to me, that are powerful. From that point, I will elaborate by going to other places like and dig in deep into those points. What I want to do then is maybe create 5 – 10 big points. Then elaborate on those points in more detail. Basically your goal is to find problems that people are facing and then turn it into a valuable report so that you yourself have a good and high quality report that you can provide as a product. Once you have created that report and I’ve showed you different ways of doing that, you can now begin to start marketing that report. How do you do that? Before you market it, you need to create the license. The license tells that whoever gets the report, what they can or cannot do with the report. So what you need to do is basically create the license. What my recommendations would be is no giveaways, which means people cannot give away your report for free. You can do that if you want to get the report out there, super, super fast. But for my experience, if you create a license whereas they have to sell the report for whatever price ($7 or even less). If they sell the product, then you are going to get a lot of quality based buyers back to your list. It’s sort of similar to the concept that I’ve taught you in the video before this. But it’s a little different. So what you can do is give master resale rights to create a viral flooding effect. Any time you give master resale rights to any product, you are basically going to flood the market super, super fast. I’ve seen this with even my own products. You can even take it to a step further and allow people to sell master resale rights. Maybe you can set it up in a way that in order to get master resale rights or in order to sell master resale rights, they have to come back to your site. So what you are doing is you are basically allowing people to sell your product and they 100% of the profits but the only thing is they come back to your site. Once you have created that license, you are

ready to give that product away so that people can resell it. I’m going to show you in just a minute how and who can you approach when you are trying to virally flood the market with your reports thereby getting traffic back to your blog, back to your site and to your list. When you are ready to find people to sell your reports or sell resale rights or master resale rights or whatever you choose for your report so that you can flood the market, the way you can go about that is first, I recommend by going to the Keep in mind that is basically where a lot of Internet marketers hang out. They go here to find a lot of goodies and a lot of products that they can resell. So what I’ve done in the past is go to Warrior’s Special Offers forum section. It does cost $20 to submit a product listing. But I will tell you, it is well worth it. You don’t make a lot of money out front but what you are doing is you are investing into people selling your report and you are getting traffic back. So just take it as an investment for traffic. You can submit it into this location. If you have never gone here before, I would recommend that you sign up for an account and start posting in the other areas of the forum before you create a Warrior Special Offer forum because I don’t know the exact rules right now, I know they have changed a lot but I think there is a rule where you have to have a certain amount of posts in order to post a special offer. But is it well worth it? Of course it is! In fact, I launched my first business at this site and it has done really well since then. Another thing to do is to go to Google, just type in ‘resell rights’ or ‘master resell rights’ then you will find a bunch of sites or membership sites that provide master resale rights. What you do is you just approach them and tell them, “Hey, here’s a report for free (or video). It’s a high quality product and you can have it for free but you have to sell it or you have to give it to your members to sell it.” So you can go to several sites like these sites. Just go through and pretty much approach to 10 – 20 people or you can hire somebody to do it and easily get lots of traffic back to your site. Do keep in mind that if you are going to create a report such as this, you will need some mini site graphics. There are a bunch of people in WarriorForum, you can go find mini site graphic designers just by going here. I believe it is under the section where you can hire a fellow warrior for example here: Warriors for hire. You can go here and you can find people that are doing mini sites. It doesn’t cost much. It cost probably about anywhere from $50 - $100 for a good looking mini site. Once you do that, once you have created a sales letter for the resale rights package, then you can approach these businesses to inject your report/video/product with master resale rights in here and therefore, you can get lots and lots of traffic back to your site. Believe it or not, it is very worth it. What’s the end result after you’ve done all of this? Well, the end result is that other people build your list. Other people are working hard to drive traffic to your site. And what kind of incentives do they get? They get all the profits when they sell your report. If they sell your report for $7, they get 100% of the profits.

But that’s why if you use this kind of strategy though, you need to make sure that your report is extremely good quality. You need to make sure that you have a unique selling proposition so what I would recommend you to do is for whatever niche you go into, make sure that you go to another product that is in that niche. Go to, and find products that relate to your product. These products that relate to your product, see what unique selling propositions are those products. What makes those products sell? In fact, I can give you another tidbit. Go to, type in the keyword for niche product and see what kind of products are at the top. The top selling products are at the top. With that said, go ahead and set up your affiliate blog, build your list and use the last 2 marketing tactics to build your list and drive lots of traffic to your site.

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