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Volume 1, Issue 1

November 2011

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November 2011

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Letter from the Editors: The Original Bloganistas!

Overview: 3

The 5 Blogger Commandments: Words to Live By in Starting Your Own Blog


Twitter :Every Bloganista’s New BFF


Introducing Ourselves Filling your brain with blogging goodies

What We’re Wearing: Trend- 9 Spotting Spectacular Getting Glam: Our fave beauty blogger, Make-Up Geek


Karmin: Music to Your Ears


Post-Halloween Spook: Paranormal Activity 3


DIY: Read all about it! Newsprint Nails


YouTube Beauty Gurus


Caught Being Stylish


Bloganista Hotspot: NewsBar NYC


The Digital Age PR Girl


Giving you BFF-like advice Sharing tips, tricks, and our favorite blogs! Bergdorf Goodman: At The Top of the Digital Realm Pyramid


Twitter & Jobs in Social Media


A Memorable Experience from Fashion Editor Tiarra Watson


CityChic with Bloganista Rachel Schwartzmann


Staff’s Pics: November’s Best 35 Bloggers

Welcome, Bloganistas! We at Bloganista saw the void. We saw that there was no one bridging the gaps between social media, blogging, and fashion. All of us bury our heads in our laptops all day long, yet there is no one place where all of our social media and blogging needs come together. We saw not one resource for readers to get the information they want and need without spending hours on end surfing from blog to blog. That’s where Bloganista comes in. We want you to know all the best blogs, who’s rocking the blogging world, and how to start your own blogging revolution, all while providing you with infinite information about the latest movies and music, beauty trends, and culture in general. Anyone can follow a blog or start one, but we want you to do it fabulously. With the internet at everyone’s fingertips, world of bloggers is growing faster than we can keep up with! Fashion, lifestyle, home décor, beauty, entertainment, celebrity, street style, product review… the list of blog types just goes on and on, and the possibilities are endless. Not only will we provide you with our own thoughts, tips, tricks, and ideas but we’ll guide you to the blogs that are just doing it right, and give them the credit they deserve. Blogging may be the future, but not without social media. Let us just say that the bloggers doing it right are most likely involved on these platforms. Twitter, YouTube, Facebook…it is obvious that social media is becoming a necessary tool in the fashion world and the business world alike. It is creating a new job field and opening endless doors for bloggers and large companies. It is paying people’s bills and launching a few lucky folks to fame. Thus, the times are changing and fashion is, too. We’re here to inspire young and old alike to embrace these rapid technological changes and all they have to offer. Just think about it: all of a sudden, everyone who wants a voice can now have one, and we want our readers to feel excited and comfortable about getting involved and portraying their best self on the world wide web. You’ll leave this issue feeling educated, up-to-date, and completely inspired. But you must be wondering, who can possibly do all of this for me?! Let us introduce ourselves, the original Bloganistas with beauty and brains. Some of the most successful companies and designer labels started in the classroom, and we at Bloganista know that LIM College is where the magic happened. Five fashion merchandising majors, blogbuffs, and lovers of all things fabulous met in the average classroom and joined together with an aboveaverage idea. From beauty advice to social media expertise, we each have something special to offer. We like to think that we complete each other and, together, we’ll make your hours on the computer worth-while.


The Original Bloganistas

son t a ra W r a i T itor d E ion h s a F

elli Alyssa Coscar r and Culture Edito tor Creative Direc

Chris tina Liao Socia l Med ia Ex per t




tainm ent Edito r

ar e M h t e b a z Eli ditor E y t u a e B

1. Brainstorm ,Brainstorm, Brainstorm! The first step of beginning your own blog is to define it. What kind of things will you write about? How will you write about them? What do you hope to accomplish with your blog? Whether it is going to be informative, inspirational or just a means of spilling out your thoughts, these are all questions to ponder before you delve in. Considering the tone of your blog is an important point as well. Conversational blogs are often the easiest to relate to, so that’s definitely something you’ll want to keep in mind! 2. DON’T State The Obvious Without a good name, your blog is just a number among hundreds of thousands of other blogs. You want to choose something that will stand out and be remembered by the readers (you’ll want to create SOME sort of following, after all). Try picking something clever that goes along with the over all theme and message of your blog. You also want avoid completely blasé names like “My Beauty Blog”, for instance. Make it witty! 3. Catch a Tiger By The Toe The next step is to choose the platform you will be using to construct your fabulous blog. Blogger, Tumblr, or Wordpress are all popular choices and are super easy to use, with TONS of cute layouts to choose from. The best part? The three of them make it virtually IMPOSSIBLE to ruin, so even if you’re technologically challenged you can’t mess this one up! Try feeling around and seeing which one suits your personal needs best.

By Elizabeth Mare

4. Judge a Book By Its Cover Let’s face it: who wants to stare at a boring black and white screen? Yawn! Make it fun! If you’re blogging about fashion or beauty, make sure to choose a layout that matches, and one that lets your fun and spunky personality shine through! We promise it’ll make the world of difference. Something aesthetically pleasing will undoubtedly make your viewer more enticed to read on and see what you have to say. 5. Move It Or Lose It And finally: begin blogging! The beauty of being a Bloganista is that there are virtually NO limits or rules to the fabulous world of blogging. You can say pretty much whatever you want, and however you want (just be sure to keep it clean, of course). Whatever you choose, just think of it as your new baby: the more time and effort you put into it, the more you will be sure to get out of it. Any effort will be sure to shine through, and make sure to keep up with it, because you never know who may be watching (or reading)!

Every Bloganista’s New BFF By Christina Liao @CLiao_

I'll be quite honest with all of you, I have never been one to spend too much time on reading millions of blogs. There are five blogs that I read, but as days get busier, blog reading is the first to go on my downtime list. I have always been the person that will read about industry news in WWD and made purchasing decisions based on my own opinions. I felt as if I didn't need a blogger's approval for a purchase, besides, who knows my style better than me? However, when I decided to actively participate in Twitter, my mind had opened up to the idea of blogs, and the only reason I read the blogs I do is because of Twitter.

There are three store or brand-associated blogs that I read, either daily or frequently, and they are the Neiman Marcus blog, Bergdorf Goodman blog, and DKNY PR Girl blog. All three of these blogs are a result of the people behind the store/brand's Twitter account. To be quite honest, if it weren't for my brand loyalty and my interest in these Twitter personalities, I probably would have never known about these blogs. Nevertheless, this just goes to show that social media platforms, like Twitter, are a great way to demonstrate your personality and interests and help build awareness about not only yourself, but your blog.

Then there's the fairly new blog, The Coveteur. I originally found out about this blog before it was ever launched thanks to Twitter user Jane Keltner de Valle, Fashion News Director at Teen Vogue. Prior to launching, The Coveteur created a Twitter account to help build awareness. Those that were soon to be featured on the new blog would tweet to the account, and since the people that were going to be featured on the blog were prominent individuals in the fashion industry (like Jane Keltner de Valle), awareness about the blog was already established and people were excited about the blog before it had even launched.

The last blog out of the five I read would be Tina Craig, one of the co-founders, tweets for @BagSnob and always engages with her readers. From Tina's presence on Twitter, I became interested in her work and found her blog to be enticing and have kept up with it since then.

Perhaps it seems to you as if I'm heavily influenced by Twitter, in which case, it's true. Twitter offers a wealth of information, and because these bloggers, or individuals that have blogs, chose to promote their blog on their Twitter account, I was able to discover some great blogs. Bloggers, like Tina Craig, should take advantage of Twitter to get their voice and their blog out there to not only inform current readers of new posts, but to also draw in new ones. The potential behind social media platforms, especially Twitter, are great, you just have to take advantage of them.

What We’re Wearing

By Tiarra Watso

Colors to Try NOW! Jewel Tones Ruby Red Emerald Green Royal Purple

This Season’s Trends

This season, fashionistas who are looking to be o point with current trends should be keeping thei eyes open for styles with: Sequins Animal Prints Lace AND COLOR! FINALLY!

I’m so excited to finally be seeing color on the runway! Not that I always follow the “rules” of fashion anyway, but for other people who ha hard time marching to the beat of their own dru this is exciting news. For years we have been tau that when autumn rolls around, color is FORBIDD and we are stuck wearing typical browns, reds a burnt oranges to match the color of the wet lea blowing around in the wind. To add to the depre sion of the rain and darkness of the approaching winter, looking like walking trees doesn’t help mu So color, HERE WE COME!



Jewel tones are being used in fashion not only on the runway but by celebrities and people like us, as well. Red is a hot color for fall so don’t be afraid to throw that old brown pea-coat to the side and throw on a red blazer or a red pair jeans.

on ir

ave a ums, ught DEN and aves esg uch.

Taylor Swift in Sequins at the CMA’s Those shiny little sequins will help prepare us for the holiday season as we sparkle and shine our way through Christmas and New Years!

Animal prints will be carried over from last season and continue to be a top trend in dresses, tops, and accessories even shoes.

Lace is another trend being spotted on and off the runway. When I think of lace I think of a pretty white vintage wedding dress; soft, sweet and romantic. This season you can find lace being used in not only dresses, but tops and even skirts as well. And not just in white— black lace can be just as romantic, maybe even sexy.


By Elizabeth Mare

Don’t be fooled by the name, because the MakeUpGeek is anything but a n e r d! Sure, with a BS IN MUSIC EDUCATION and a minor in DRAMA & SPEECH, it’s safe to say that Marlena Stell is a well-educated woman. You might also say that she has veered a bit off her p l a n n e d life course. As stated on her infamous MAKEUP BLOG, her “goal in life is to help even just one person

feel more beautiful- if that means the use of makeup…[she] want[s] every person out there to feel confident in his/her makeup skills and feel “pretty”.” And that she does: with hundreds of make-up tutorials, TIPS, how-to’s and product reviews,. It’s safe to say that Marlena has taken herself from MakeUpGeek to certified Guru. Plus, she also welcomes user submissions and takes requests, so YOU are able to ask for help with virtually all of your makeup dilemmas! If that’s not enough inspiration to take your bloggin’ dreams to the next level, then you should keep reading!

Music and Movie Reviews by Megan Ohr

Crash Your Party! The Internet Sensation Karmin’s First Single Their Internet Beginning Karmin is a duo that combines the smooth instrumental s of a boy named Nick with the unique voice of female singer, Amy. They first started to become noticed through YouTube by doing covers of popular songs like “Look At Me Now” by Chris Brown or Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass.” Their videos have gotten millions of views and quickly became noticed by the media. Bloggers throughout the internet posted their videos and soon radio and television hosts began to feature them on their shows. After an appearance on the Ellen Show, recording la-

bels came running and they became the first duo signed to L.A. Reid’s Epic Records label. Already with two compilations of covers under their belt, they released their first album of original songs entitled, Inside Out, in 2010. Recently they hit a milestone, releasing their first major-label single, Crash Your Party.

Our Take

Fashion Influence Karmin’s female singer Amy is not only recognized for her amazing vocals, but her unique style which will surely become a great influence within the Fashion World. She is always seen with red lipstick and the stylings of a 1940’s Pin Up Girl. We at Bloganista know a trendsetter when we see one!

There is really something unique and raw about this up and coming recording artist. Amy’s vocals are truly something to be heard. Not only is her singing voice smooth and silky and magic on the ears, but her rapping is also quiteimpressive. She raps with incredible speed but what is really amazing is that you can actually make out every single word she says, which is surely a rare feat! One thing that may turn some people off is that in an industry that is daring and vulgar, Karmin is completely clean

in their own music and in their covers. Will this harm their careers? Not one bit! With the release of their first single, Crash Your Party, they have seem to begin on a high note. The song is catchy, with a great beat and fun lyrics, and they find fun ways to get around the vulgar appeals with singing “You can kiss my, OH MY GODDD.” It lets listeners imagine without having to say it. This first hit leads a lot to live up to for Karmin, and we think they are up for the challenge!

What Critics Are Saying: “Paranormal Activity 3 has no interest in art. It just wants to give you the willies with a minimum of gore and a maximum of camcorder dread, and it succeeds” - Boston Globe’s Ty Burr “Paranormal Activity 3 delivers similarly eerie moments, though long stretches go by where nothing truly ominous occurs” - USA Today’s Claudia Puig “Paranormal Activity 3 just uses new technology to deliver the same old ghosts-andgoblins hokum” - Washington Post

Paranormal Activity 3 When it comes to the paranormal activity movies there are really two options of how you view them, completely terrifying or completely ridiculous. By now most of the world realizes that these movies are not based on actual events and actual footage, but if you really want to get the full effect of the scare the best thing is to expel this knowledge from your brain! What could make the Paranormal Activity movies truly frightening is if you convince yourself that what you are seeing is real. If you go into the movies reminding yourself it’s all acting, you will most likely come out of it feeling dis-

appointed. You are more likely to have a good laugh at the not so great acting and filming then have an experience filled with screams and terror. The third installment of the series takes us back to the beginning to the sisters in

the first two movie’s childhood. Up until they find a box of mysterious videotapes they had blocked out their past. With these tapes, the movie shows us that the girls were dealing with the demons from a very young age and starts to build on the reason there is a demon haunting them.

Our Take While it follows the same formula of the other two and the scares are the same, the story does not hold as strongly as the previous two movies. What we really love about the paranormal films is that they prove that there is no need for tons of gore, nudity and sexuali-

ty to sell a horror story. These movies truly rely on the “things that go bump in the night.” The horror of the unknown, what is that sound? Did I open that window? Who’s in there? So many of us have these thoughts where we think something odd is

happening but brush it off and Paranormal Activity plays on that. The footage shown can really frighten if you let yourself believe. What we don’t love so much was that without believing, the story doesn’t hold up well enough to make it a movie worth

What do you get when you combine newspaper, alcohol, and free time? Newsprint nails!

In this economy, a manicure may be the last thing us bloggers can spend our hard-earned money on. But this doesn’t mean our nails can’t look fab as we slave away at our laptops. Heck, we all know that newspaper is on its way to extinction, thanks to the online world we so deeply love. Do-It-Yourself projects seem to be the hottest addition to our favorite bloggers’ pages, so put your newspaper to use and give this DIY a try… maybe even feature it on a blog of your own! By Alyssa Coscarelli

Step 1: Paint your nails with a base coat (preferably white, tan, or pastel). Let dry completely.

Step 2: Cut 10 small strips of newsprint, maybe by spotting words you like. Whatever floats your boat. Step 3: Wet a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol (or vodka, but no one wants to waste that). Step 4: Place the strip of newspaper on your nail and press down on it with the wet cotton ball for 10-15 seconds.

Step 5: Remove the cotton ball and slowly peel of the newspaper strip. Step 6: Apply a clear top coat. Voila! Artsy nails in a jiffy. Now get back to blogging!

My own newsprint nails!

YouTube is the site where you can spend hours upon hours searching for videos, uploading your own, and even watching cats do some of the funniest things (seriously, they’re taking over!). But what you may NOT be so aware of is the fact that YouTube is one of the best kept secrets in makeup and hair tutorials! That’s right, your favorite vid site is actually home to hundreds of hair and makeup gurus that give you step-by-step instructions on how to achieve the most coveted looks, like smoky, sultry eyes for a night out, perfect winged eyeliner, or how to create beach sexy waves that would make even the hottest Victoria’s Secret Angel jealous (okay, so we still can’t master it, but these vids make it a lot easier!) Here are some of my faves so far: JulieG713: With about 230,000 YouTube subscribers, and a #1 beauty tip to ‘always smile’, it’s safe to say that Julie has created quite a name for herself as one of YouTube’s famed makeup gurus, with how-to videos like peacock eye makeup and ‘diamond gun metal eyes’. But what you may not know, along with the fact that she is so super sweet that you feel like you just OD’d on some Skittles, is that she is actually one of YouTube’s biggest NAILPOLISH gurus. She even features several how-to’s for incredible nail designs (tiger print and edgy corset laced nails, to name a few) that we can only watch in awe. Quite frankly, this girl’s got talent! She’s even recently launched a line of her very own nail polish for Jesse’s Girl, which can now be purchased at Rite Aid stores across the country. We bet you’re smiling now, Julie! Gregory Gorgeous:

By Elizabeth Mare- Beauty Editor

Calling All Vanity Vixens

This one’s for you(Tube!)

Who said the gurus were all about the ladies? Gregory Gorgeous has 179,000 YouTube followers, with the most bubbly and genuinely hilarious personality to match. And boy, does the boy have skills. From every day Fall makeup looks and how to perfect your mascara, to videos that take you around his room and his extensive perfume collection (I have to admit, I was a little jealous) to venting sessions on “what’s too gay?”, Gregory Gorgeous is as talented as he is funny, so I don’t doubt that you’ll walk away with some new tips and a whole new outlook (especially about McDonalds, and his ever so frightening experience working there). I can’t promise you won’t covet his ‘gorgeous’ blonde main and pearly white smile, but I can promise that you will find difficulty watching only one of his vids. Stay gorgeous, Gregory!

ItsJudyTime: Indeed, it IS Judy Time! She’s got 51,000 YouTube subscribers, and a knack for all that is hair. From ‘Sexy Supermodel Hair’ to a ‘2 Minute Top Knot’ and even a video on how she whitens her teeth, Judy gives you a look inside her life like no other (she’s even got a video of the healthy eating habits of her and her hubby). The fact is that you’re going to WANT to hate her for her amazing hair skills, her bubbly personality, and the video of the ever-so-sweet proposal from her husband (seriously, grab the Kleenex now), but you won’t have much luck. Judy takes you step by step in showing you how to create the looks you covet, and she’s so good that she makes it look EASY! Plus, she’s got tons of giveaways and contests, so you might even walk away with something more than a smokey eye or a new ‘do (like a Louis Vuitton bag, or a new iPad, for instance!).

Petrilude: A guy applying makeup ISN’T just crazy talk, but according to Petrilude’s (aka Joshua’s) YouTube header tag it is! In that case, I guess you can call me and 329,000 other YouTube subscribers crazy; but the only thing actually ludicrous here is this guy’s makeup skills! A word to the wise: some of his videos can be a little much if you’re on the more timid side (like a review on ‘Boobs For Queens’), but it’s not too much as to distract from the channel’s purpose. A drag queen from Chicago, Illinois, Petrilude has everything on his YouTube channel from funky looks to freaky special effects makeup, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t addicted. He has a way of using completely out of the ordinary objects to take his beauty looks from amazing to over-the-top (pieces of an actual mirror as ‘ice princess’ eyebrows are my fave so far) with just a little powder and the stroke of his MAC 242 brush. The best part? Petrilude also offers real advice to those who are transgender and considering dressing up in drag, AND gives tutorials on makeup looks that work on both men AND women (now THAT’s talent!). So yes I may be crazy, but you’d be simply insane NOT to check out his channel!

By Tiarra Watson

Facebook can be used for more than just break-ups, hook-ups and stalking your ex. Many people use it for promoting a business, connecting with old friends or distant relatives or simply as a way to share a part of your social life with family, friends and “not really friends”. You can “like” your favorite retailer, magazine or designers page to get the latest info on upcoming sales or events. The infamous “profile pic” is used to share your smile, style and everything in between, from a weekend out with friends to a vacation with family no one wants their profile pic to be a not so flattering one. We as fashionistas like to post pictures in our most stylish ensembles and give others the chance to connect with us and “like” or “comment” on which looks they like best. Not only will that boost our confidence, but it also gives the not so fashion forward the chance to take a short walk through a fashionistas wardrobe! “Cute shoes. Where did you get them!?” is a comment I got a few weeks back about my leopard print open toe wedges. If you don’t want everyone knowing your fashion secrets shoot that person a message so that it’s more personal. Not only is it interesting to see what your friends are wearing to that party or casino trip, but it can also keep you up to date on the latest trends! Here are a few friends that I caught being stylish on my Facebook news feed.

Alejandra is a fashion student at LIM College who got “spotted” on facebook in one this years’ hottest trends: ANIMAL PRINT!

Amber is a full time model and she was caught being stylish when she posted this pic with her red lips that compliment her trendy red blazer. How classy and chic!

What a fun way to get acquainted with winter! Constance used her camel-colored circle scarf in a way that most people can’t even pull off with a nice pair of shades and popping red lipstick! What a daring and unique look!

Bloganistas, it’s time to change up your scenery. Grab your laptop and head over to NewsBar in Greenwich Village, NYC. There comes a time where your bed is no longer the best place to get your work done. Let’s face it… it’s drab, uninspirational, and simply unprofessional. So why not embrace your inner city-girl and bring your blogging to a quaint café like a real New Yorker? With good music, coffee, and tons of good eats, you’ll have the fuel and atmosphere to blog all day long. We’re not talking Starbucks here, people. NewsBar is unique and honestly just too adorable to pass up—Not to mention prime people-watching as it’s right off of Union Square, one of our favorite spunky spots in the city. By Alyssa Coscarelli

Serves: Coffee & Tea, Sandwiches, Wraps, Pastries, Other Easy Snacks 107 University Pl (between 12th St & 13th St) New York, NY 10003 (212) 353-1246 Nearest Transit: Union Sq - 14 St (L) 14 St - Union Sq (4, 5, 6, 6X) 14 St - Union Sq (N, Q, R) Good for Kids: Yes Accepts Credit Cards: Yes Parking: Street Attire: Casual Good for Groups: Yes Price Range: $ Takes Reservations: No Delivery: No Take-out: Yes Waiter Service: No Outdoor Seating: No Wi-Fi: Paid Good For: Breakfast

An Interview With @DKNY, Aliza Licht By Christina Liao

Today, so many people have slashes in their job titles. It seems like it’s no longer enough to just be a visual merchandiser. No, you have to be a visual merchandiser/ fashion director/events coordinator. Taking on more than just one job title or taking on responsibilities that aren’t included in your job description is not out of the norm. Enter stage right: Aliza Licht, Senior Vice President of Global Communication at Donna Karan International, or you may better know her as @dkny, DKNY PR Girl. As SVP of Global Communications, you can bet your bottom dollar that she’s a busy woman, but somehow she finds time to engage us with #GG (Gossip Girl) livetweets, #PR101 tips, guilty eating habits (candy corn, anyone?), behind-the-scenes images and information about Donna Karan and DKNY, and so much more. How she finds the time to do it all, especially when Twitter and Tumblr aren’t even a part of her job description? I’m not quite sure, but she does it with poise and charming wit that all of us just can’t get enough of. Luckily, I was able to steal some of Aliza’s time and gain some insight about being DKNY PR Girl.

Until recently, Aliza was anonymous. DKNY PR Girl “was meant to be a made-up character that was a PR girl that worked in the Donna Karan office. A sketch.” However, within the first week, Aliza realized that “people were more interested in having real conversation than hearing about what’s the latest handbag.” A couple of years went by and the anonymity was beginning to bar Aliza from attending events, which would have revealed her identity to the general public. However, “in fashion, it wasn’t a secret, so *Aliza+ asked *herself+, ‘What’s the worst that can happen if I come out?’” Quite honestly, nothing. Aliza received nothing but positivity in response to her coming out video (watch here), and quite honestly, the video made people fall in love with her even more. DKNY was easily one of the first brands to embrace Twitter, and also one of the firsts to use it effectively. Due to Aliza’s concise nature--short and sweet is how she likes it-- the marriage between Aliza and Twitter was practically a match made in heaven. So, what moved Aliza to embrace Twitter and venture into “When 140 characters isn’t enough…”? Her Twitter followers, naturally. “When they would ask me to join I thought, ‘Don’t even go there – that’s just one more thing….’ My actual job is not this. To do one more thing, it was like, ‘when?’” However, when her team informed her about how much China loved DKNY PR Girl, Aliza didn’t want to deprive her Chinese fans of DKNY PR Girl and it provided an extra nudge for her to create her Tumblr (Twitter is blocked in China while Tumblr isn’t). Additionally, Aliza “*likes+ the idea of having a more permanent library and a blog is so pretty and visual,” and if you’ve taken a look at her blog, then you understand just how aesthetically pleasing her blog is. Now, if you use Tumblr, you know that the primary way it is used is to present captivating visuals. In fact, this was brought to Aliza’s attention when she received her “blog for dummies lesson” from Rich Tong, Tumblr’s Fashion Director. “Rich told me that everyone on Tumblr is very visual; they don’t like words, they like pictures. I said, ‘Rich, I do want to write.’ Rich replied, ‘I don’t really know if that’s going to resonate with the community.’ And I told him, ‘Well, I’m going to do it anyways.’ Sometimes, the wordy posts are more attractive than the pictures that I post.” The reason that so many of Aliza’s more “wordy posts” are more appealing and receive more Tumblr “notes” is rooted in the fact that she writes the way she talks. During Aliza’s junior summer, she went to Tufts and took a creative writing course where she learned stream of conscious writing. With the creative writing course being her only form of “formal training” combined with never having any professional experience with writing, Aliza’s writing style is refreshing and honest. Aliza told me that she “never knew that *she+ had this writing in *her+,” but if you ask me, she could have been an editor if she had never gone down the PR route. . By writing the way she talks, readers, including myself, feel as if she’s speaking directly to them, giving her blog posts this sort of comfort that I can only equate to sitting in front of a fireplace, wrapped up in a DKNY cozy, and sipping hot chocolate in the middle of a cold, winter night. It seems like Aliza is the perfect image of a blogger, right? Well, perhaps not. My last question for Aliza was, “Do you consider yourself a blogger?” Without hesitation, Aliza answered with a simple “no” and added, “When people call me a blogger, I’m really excited about it. I think it’s funny that they would put me in that category. I consider myself more of a writer. I’m not revealing other people’s things. It’s not like I have a diary. I think of myself as a PR person with a blog.” At the end of the last question, Aliza flipped the table on me and asked if I thought she was a blogger. Taken aback by the question, and with my mind consumed by the desire type down every single word Aliza was saying, I shamefully stuttered and said that I wasn’t sure. My intentions were to write this piece as “PR Girl Turned Blogger,” but after this interview, and my completely ineloquent answer, I came to realize that “blogger” just wasn’t enough to describe who Aliza Licht was. Tweeting and blogging, while not part of Aliza’s job description, is a part of a more tech savvy revision of public relations. Aliza is still a PR girl, not a social media manager, not a blogger, not even a PR girl/social media manager/blogger, but a digital age PR girl that has developed from the evolution and integration of technology that is only possible as a result of an unmatched work ethic.


At The Top of the Digital Realm Pyramid By Christina Liao


t’s no secret that brands and stores have taken advantage of so-

cial media platforms and have used them as a form of marketing. One of the first luxury retailers to embrace social media and fully utilize it is Bergdorf Goodman. However, while there are a bevy of brands and stores that have set up accounts on various social media platforms, the factors that separate Bergdorf Goodman from all of the others are that Bergdorf Goodman’s social media manager, Cannon Hodge, frequently engages with her followers and she handles several social media and media-sharing platforms for Bergdorf Goodman. These platforms include Bergdorf Goodman’s 5th/58th blog, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, and Foursquare. There is not one single brand or store that matches the effort put forth by Cannon Hodge and Bergdorf Goodman to take advantage of so many different social media and media-sharing platforms to engage with customers. With each platform informing their customer about special events, merchandise, promotions, and behind-the-scenes information and special features such as preparations for their otherworldly windows and special interviews with designers, Cannon Hodge makes sure that Bergdorf Goodman stays ahead of its competitors in the digital realm.

Cannon Hodge

Bergdorf on Twitter Bergdorf on Facebook

By Christina Liao Over the past year, a social media platform other than Facebook has become integrated into people's lives. Twitter hasn't only gained popularity from the everyday user, companies, celebrities, socialites, designers, and brands have jumped on the Twitter train as well. The catch? A person had to say whatever they wanted to say in 140 characters or less. Twitter challenged it's users to be concise, and having been spoiled by a 1500 character limit on Facebook, being concise was something many weren't used to. However, users accepted the challenge and now it has become one of the most widely used social media platforms. However, some still don't understand the point of Twitter. They ignorantly ask, "Why would I want to know you're walking down X street?" If you're one of those people, I'm here to give you a wake up call to let you know that Twitter is much more than constant updates of meaningless and mundane tasks. Every industry has their own core group of Tweeters that are followed, and these core group of Tweeters tweet about special events, news, promotions, and so forth. For example, in the fashion industry, some of the core Tweeters include @DKNY, @Bergdorfs, @BarneysNY, and @CFDA. These sources tweet about anything that relates to their brand/store, news surrounding the fashion industry, and behind the scenes information with a touch of personal tweets thrown in every now and then. Ultimately, Twitter allows a user to find out updated information about their interests. While Twitter is a wealth of information, it also allows a person to network within a particular industry. If you're wondering how, well, it's really quite simple. First, when setting up an account, create a short and professional handle. Breaking news, the days of AIM are over and no one will take you seriously if your Twitter handle is @XxBabyGirlxX. A short handle is also important, because when people reply or retweet, your handle is counted as part of the 140 characters, and if you didn't already gather, every character is precious. Then, fill out your profile. People want to know who they are talking to and what you're interested in. Then, when it comes to tweeting, tweet about what you're interested in and engage with other people. It’s also important to know what you stand for and know your voice. Mostly, don't forget to engage with people; no one likes to feel like they're talking to a wall. At the end of the day, if you can come up with creative and interesting content while engaging properly with others, networking within your desired industry is not a problem. With Twitter, there is a great opportunity to establish a relationship and open the door to meeting with some extraordinary people.

By Christina Liao

A college graduate’s biggest concern: finding a job in the real world. You’ve been kicked out of the nest and it’s time to search for a job. In this economy, jobs are scarce and people are fighting for them like a hungry pack of wolves after one lone fawn. Although the competition is steep, as a result of social media, a new job market has opened up for graduates. Social media has largely been embraced by the younger generation, therefore, the twentysomethings just graduating college happen to be the perfect market when companies are in search of social media managers.

As a result, don’t you think it’d be a good idea to knowledge yourself in social media platforms, particularly if you’re graduating soon? Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, Instagram… These platforms are not just for fun. Companies have recognized that they can utilize these social media and media-sharing platforms as an effective marketing tool. My tip? Begin using these platforms for your own personal use and grasp a firm understanding on the multiple social media and mediasharing platforms that are infiltrating the market. It’s only to your advantage. Trust me.

Fashion Editor Tiarra Watson Shares a Memorable Experience


lexander “Monty” Cobb is known around the city of Stamford, CT for being outgoing, talented and

creative. I know this because I’ve known Monty since my cheerleading days when I was about 13 years old. He choreographed dance routines and cheers for our squad and gave us that flare that made our dance moves stand out. From then on I knew Monty as a talented person. On November 5th 2011, I attended a fashion and dance show in my home town of Stamford to watch a friend of mine perform. What I got was nothing like I expected. It was a packed house, full of family, friends, supporters and the parents of models and dancers that would soon hit the stage and put on an amazing show for us that took months to put together. The show and corporation is called “I Am Fashion Rocks” put together by the creative minds of Alexander Cobb and other choreographers and peers. Mellissa “Treasure” Merisca is a model/dancer who has been dancing for Monty since she was in the eighth grade, she is now in her early 20s. “It was crucial” she said as she explained to me the process that took place in order to put on such an amazing show. “Now I see where all the aggravation comes from” said Melissa. The dancers practiced three days out of the week for two and a half months which seems like such a short time to perfect 8 detailed and difficult dance productions. On top of all of those routines, Brianna or “Bri-once” as her peers call her, had to memorize several songs that she eventually lip synced to add to the idea that the dancers were on “tour” and she was the lead singer. She executed her performances with grace and style and something you just wouldn’t expect from a 15 year old girl. After each fashion show, with designs by at least 7 different designers from all over the tri-state area, the dancers would perform with the Brianna right out front never missing a beat and her backup dancers just as skilled. The designs featured Men’s, Women’s and Children’s fashions with some looks that could be worn right off the runway and others that were more high fashion. The bold face paint and hair styles added to the beauty of the designs worn by the models and the dancers. Bold colors such as hot pink and red were among the many used to add a pop of color to the stage. With models ranging from ages five to 25, a very comedic host, plenty of photographers and a live DJ the show was definitely a success. It was exciting and there was never a dull moment. Monty created “I Am Fashion Rocks” to keep young children, teens and young adults out of the streets and out of trouble while allowing them to showcase their talents and creativity at the same time. “Some do it for fun but others, like me, do it as a career. I just love dancing.” And modeling apparently, because just a few months ago Melissa opened up for a fashion show called “So You Think You Can Walk?” put on by another local talent and personal friend of Monty’s, named Marvin Speight. It’s plain to see that this is a very multi-talented group of people with high hopes and dreams. I Am Fashion Rocks is not only an amazing idea, but a wonderful way to entertain and showcase fashion. I for one enjoyed myself and can’t wait to see more of what Monty, Treasure, and the rest of I Am Fashion Rocks has in store for the future for the models and dancers that participated in this amazingly fashionable and fun event.

CityChic Bloganista Presents...

Fashion Blogger Rachel Schwartzmann Of The Style Line and Le Style Child Photography and Copy By Alyssa Coscarelli

Rachel Schwartzmann, 19-year-old blogger in New York City, has taken the fashion world by storm with her blog the Style Line and her personal style blog, Le Style Child. The Style Line has reached over 25K in followers, but this has come only through endless hard work and a killer work ethic. From Refinery 29 to the New York Times, the industry has taken notice of Rachel's unique style and love of all things Jeffrey Campbell. Interning at Teen Vogue and attending college in the city of dreams, Rachel is sure to keep readers on their toes with her day-to-day adventures and fresh, unique outfits. We were lucky to steal this true Bloganista for a fun, flirty shoot that captures her city-chic look.

What Rachel Wore: Vintage Men’s Hat, Forever 21 Faux Fur Coat, Forever 21 Knit Sweater, American Apparel Leather Leggings, Rebecca Minkoff Handbag, Sephora Lipstick

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Our Entertainment Editor’s Choice: CocoPerez by Perez Hilton. There is not a soul in the entertainment industry that doesn’t know who Perez Hilton is. One of, if not the most, notorious entertainment blogger out there, Perez has caught a lot of attention in the last few years. His blog, original, follows the entertainment industry and his views on what is going on and on celebrities and their lives. Hilton is true to any standard gossip blog except he adds his own personality into the mix. What many people do not know is that Perez actually started his career as an aspiring actor and media correspondent before he got into the blogging business. A graduate from New York University, Perez, born Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr., he began blogging simply because he thought it would be easy. With that he quickly began popularity, though not all good, and became a real force within the entertainment industry. Hilton is recognized for the personality he gives to his blogging, especially the attitude and his tendencies to post tabloid photos with his own personal drawings and captions.

Like any other good business, as his popularity began to explode Perez Hilton began to expand his brand. One way he did this was through guest appearances on television both talk shows and scripted shows as well as through radio and personal appearances. As for his blogging, he also began expanding into different areas with the addition of new websites. He created Teddy Hilton, named after his beloved puppy, to blog for all the animal lovers out there. Perezitos was a site dedicated specifically to celebrity families. Another, fitPerez, followed stories dealing with health and fitness. All these were still dedicated to celebrity blogging but with their own fixations. Lastly, he created my personal favorite blog, CocoPerez, a place where you can find everything and anything that is celebrity and fashion. Since I am a lover of both Fashion and the Entertainment Industry, this is the perfect blog for me to find my fix in one place. When opening up the website the blog calls itself “Where celebrity meets fashion,” and that couldn’t be more right!

Our Fashion Editor’s Choice: Mellow Mayoness

Mellow Mayoness is a cute fashion blog that I found to be quite interesting and unique. The title at the top of the page is large and stands out. It’s exclusive and it matches the overall look of the blog. Mellow Mayoness is very easy to navigate through because it’s so plain and simple, but it also has its own fun and unique style. It’s as simple as scrolling down through the pictures and reading about what she is wearing after the last photo of each shoot. She has several pictures for each outfit and info on where she got the clothing from and also a link for where the reader can obtain styles similar to the ones she’s wearing. It takes a while to scroll to the bottom of the page but that’s just because the photos are large. Everything is labeled and neatly organized by date and title with the most recent photos at the bottom. I think she probably should flip it and have the most recent photos on top and have us, (the readers) scroll down to go back in time. The reader can also click a link that will navigate them back to older posts she made, but the most recent ones are all on the first page. From this blog you can access social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and “Like” or “Follow” Mayo, but she hasn’t updated her profile on Facebook in months. (which isn’t good) There are also links to the websites that carry the clothing she wears in some of the shoots. You can also find out the magazines and websites in which Mayo’s blog has been featured. Some of which are Elle Girl Japan, Cosmopolitan Russia, German Vogue and much more.

One more fun and interesting fact about this blog is that Mayo has online giveaways for discounts on items at stores that she buys her pieces from and updates her readers about special sales and promotions and certain stores and boutiques. For example in the past she has had dress giveaways 20% off coupons. The site can also be translated into French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese which can be amazingly helpful. Mayo references not only her own street style, but the style of others she finds on the street as well as runway looks, and movies. She also had cultural references through her photos with architectural pictures from countries overseas such as Prague. This blog is very unique but what I didn’t like about Mellow Mayoness was that it didn’t have much writing and that the older photos were at the top of the page. I like this blog because her style is fun, sweet and daring. It’s cultural and fashionable and her photography is amazing. She should continue with her current style because she is very unique and fun to watch and I will continue to follow this blog!

Our Beauty Editor’s Choice: Lipstick Powder N’ Paint

As a lover of all things beauty, I’ll admit when the mood strikes, I can spend hours reading about makeup, tips and tricks. Whether I really enjoy dabbling in it on a daily basis, however, is another story. I recently came across a blog that makes reading about the previous subjects all but boring. Feast your eyes, ears, and lips on Lipstick Powder N’ Paint, bloganistas! As the founder, and editor-in-chief of the blog, self-proclaimed Canadian beauty addict Lesley Ellen Mirza’s mission was to bring us ‘the urban girl’s guide to all things beauty-ful’. What started as a love for Chanel No. 5 perfume then blossomed into a passion for everything from skincare to makeup to hair and everything in between. Looking at Lipstick Powder N’ Paint as a website, the first thing you should know is that it’s super easy to navigate. The bright pink header alone with its fun, original graphic featuring a spunky blonde surrounded by makeup is enough to entice you to continue browsing on through the site. Everything is organized (a must when you are dealing with an overwhelming amount of beauty info), and the blog is up to date and current, often taking on the latest trends of the month, like ‘Movember’, and the obsession with moustaches (creepy, but I’m addicted nonetheless). Each category can be further refined, whether you are searching for a review on that new lip plumper you’ve been eyeing, or if you’re wondering just how well that deodorant you’ve been hearing raves about REALLY works. You can even search for info and reviews on your favorite products by brand, if your heart so desires! The blog itself is anything but your typical, stuck up beauty blog, and they’ve got all the necessary spunk to hold your attention without the sugar. All of the ideas flow and tie in together with the theme of REAL beauty; it goes beyond the norm of strictly tutorials and how-tos. They cover everything from the higher-end products to the less expensive drug store brands, which ones work, which DEFINITELY don’t, and which ones you simply MUST try. Like the name itself states, Lipstick Powder N’ Paint is for the every day gal, not the Park Avenue label obsessed princess, which is evident in the fact that it’s written by a real woman, FOR a real woman. Plus, let’s face it: in a world where every penny counts, most of us bloganistas are working with a champagne taste on a beer budget. We don’t want to hear about eyeshadows that cost $20 a piece – we want to know the facts! The voice that the articles are written in makes it so conversational (a must for any blog); you’ll feel more like you’re listening to one of your gal pals dishing about the latest must-haves. But the best part about this gem is that it’s so much MORE than your average beauty blog. Sure, it’s got tips and tricks to make your every day and special occasion beauty routines easier, but it’s also home to some fabulous tips on inner beauty as well. With features like ‘How to Stress Less’ and common myths about running and other necessary forms of exercise, Lipstick Powder N’ Paint takes blogging the extra mile. This blog is just the kind of refreshment and encouragement any vanity vixen needs to create a newfound love affair (with herself!). Once the makeup comes off, there is so much more to being a beautiful person and embracing what it is that makes us all uniquely gorgeous. Lipstick Powder N’ Paint knows this too, which is why they should be at the top of your e-reading list. Five stars!

Our Social Media Editor’s Choice: DKNY

The word “blog” used to be considered a four letter word in the fashion industry, but the past few years have allowed it to gain momentum and popularity. Many fashion blogs review products and merchandise to either persuade or dissuade a reader from purchasing something. Essentially, these blogs are an extended version of review sites, but from one person’s point of view. On the other end are style blogs in which the blogger talks about the fabulous places and events they go to and what they wear on a day-to-day basis. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against both aforementioned blog types, but I just need something that’s a little more refreshing; something that’s a little more honest. Review blogs are great for when I don’t have time to leisurely search through a retailer’s website or sift through merchandise at a store. They allow me to catch a glimpse at what’s hot and what’s not, according to the blogger, and help guide me towards a purchase that I want to make. However, let’s be honest, some of these review blogs are being pushed by their advertisers to feature certain products, so don’t always believe every word that you read. While I’m not a fan of personal style bloggers, I can see the appeal that they may have to some. Personally, I’m not all that interested in what X person wore to X event, I’ll read it about it in WWD if I really want to. And while a blogger’s personal style has the potential to provide some inspiration as to what I want to wear the next day, I rather come up with my own ideas so that I don’t get too mixed up in trends and fads and wear something that’s not suitable for me or my style.

So, in a sea of blogs that have the same core purpose, how does one find a blog that deviates from the review and style blog path, but still speaks to their fashion interests? Luckily, I didn’t have to go too far to find the perfect blog. Being that a lot of my free time is spent browsing through Twitter and my timeline, I was lucky enough to have one of my favorite tweeters start her own blog. If you just happen to be a Twitter fanatic like I am, then you know who I’m talking about: @DKNY (Aliza Licht). Now, you may wonder why I would choose a brand-associated blog to be my favorite blog when I just preached about how some blogs aren’t as honest and push for some things to be featured, as a result of an advertiser, even if they don’t 100% believe in the product. However, the fundamental difference between those other blogs and Aliza’s blog is that she is honest to the very core. She realizes that not everyone likes everything, and she even has her own preferences as to what she likes and doesn’t like. If you take a look at her blog, you will see that it is so much more than just pitching products. Her blog is not at all in-yourface with Donna Karan and DKNY products. If it is actually good merchandise, you will see a post about it, but for those products that may not be as appealing, they aren’t pushed on you. Basically, if she doesn’t love it, then it won’t be pushed on you; she stands behind everything she posts about.

However, there’s so much more to Aliza’s blog than just promoting merchandise. Her blog provides tips about working in PR (cue #PR101) and insight into the fashion industry by way of personal anecdotes. The DKNY PR Girl is so much more than blog heaven for Donna Karan and DKNY customers, it is a place for anyone interested in fashion or striving to break into the fashion industry to visit and gain some pertinent insight into the life of someone that works in the fashion industry.

The blog is honest. The blog is real. The blog is refreshingly different. It’s all these qualities that draw me to read and cling on to every word that appears on the screen of “When 140 characters isn’t enough…”

Our Culture Editor/Creative Director’s Pick: Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific

Blair Eadie, preppy-chic blogger and fashion merchandiser from San Fransisco, tops my favorite blog list without question. For me, the blogs that stand out are those who have found their personality and ran with it; the best blogs are creative, appealing to the eye, addictive, and, most importantly, provide unending inspiration. With each fresh new look, Blair does all these things and more. She keeps her readers coming back to see her next genius layering look and her newest over-the-top “arm-party.” Whether the trademark top-of-the-head, flawless ballet bun or the details like lip and nail color, Blair has given her blog a personality that is unmatched anywhere on the web. Any image of hers is instantly recognized as being her and no one else. She’s fresh, feminine, graceful, and yet simply adorable. She is the Goddess of layering and can pull off what no one else can. Have you ever successfully layered 3 button-up shirts? Made leather short-shorts look classy? Strutted in a dress printed with ants? Made Dalmatian print and stripes work in the same outfit? How about floral and gingham? A bow on the top of your head? Blair has done it all with grace, effortless style, and sophistication, and it doesn’t end there. And her style has not gone unnoticed…

Thanks to her fashion-savvy blog, Blair has had the opportunities to work (and play) with some of the industry’s biggest names including Coach, Ralph Lauren, Diane Von Furstenburg, and David Yurman. Coach asked Blair to be a part their guest blogger series to promote their new Classics collection. She collaborated with Ralph Lauren in creating a greeting card to raise awareness for breast cancer. She even got to create a fun vid with television personality Brad Goreski as she tried on all of Diane Von Furstenburg’s latest styles for fall and created her own favorite looks to share with readers. Let’s not forget when Blair and America’s favorite social-networking pup, Boo, met up for a play-date in San Fran. And, most importantly, the blond bombshell even graced the pages of the Vogue September Issue as a Covergirl representative and part of the magazine’s Vogue Influencer Network.

If we want to get technical, Blair’s blog is a perfect example of entertainment and funcionality. The blog is clean cut, free of overexessive fonts, advertising eye-sores, and unessecary borders and frills. She lets the clothes and accessories do the talking, something a lot of bloggers can learn from. That’s truly what I love about Blair’s blog. It doesn’t require any convincing whatsoever; her personality and style come crystal clear through the photographs and she doesn’t feel the need to bore the reader wither her day’s events or complaints about her personal life. Each post has a lovely and quaint little title that suits the images without giving too much away. Past titles have included “Polish,” “A Simple State,” “Blushing,” “Crisp,” and “City Escape.” Again, Blair’s blog is a role model as its Ads apply to the readers, are out of the way, and effortlessly fit the style of the blog—this is the way ads should be! We all know bloggers need to make money somehow, but the flashy banners at the top of the page or in between posts are just plain ugly. Blair’s ads, including Prive and a few small boutiques, gracefully line the right hand side of the page. This tech-savvy bloganista knows how to use social media to her advantage. I happen to follow her on both Facebook and Twitter, so I always know when a new look is posted. I even get to hear about her day-to-day adventures in San Francisco and New York City as a merchandiser and fashionista; Blair tweets the days away, and includes InstaGram pictures, too! She’s completely branded herself and her blog. Blair has trademarked her perfect bouffant hairstyles and become known for her incredible layering of both clothing and accessories (especially arm-fulls of glam bracelets!) Finally, she has used her initials, BEE, to market herself on Twitter and is known for proudly flaunting those initials on everything from her jewelry to her cell phone case, influencing her readers to do the same. Focused and fearless, Blair keeps her blog flowing with constant freshness and new ideas, and the overwhelming amount of loving comments from her fans show just how big of an impact she’s making on the blogging world and fashion world alike.


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