Why Your Brand Needs Visual Stories

By IssuuJuly 28, 2019Last updated on August 3, 2019Business, Content Marketing

It’s 2019, and telling stories is the name of the game. It always has been, but the way we tell stories is changing. Bite-size, marketable and shareable stories are currently the most efficient way to share what you have to say to the world. Why does your brand need visual stories? Here are a few reasons why.

They’re great for, well, telling stories

Magazine content publishing is different from other forms of content in that it combines visuals, design, and editorial content in a unique manner. How do you translate that experience onto a phone or tablet screen? There are a few ways.

You can upload your content to Issuu, thereby allowing your publications to be read anywhere, anytime, online. But that’s not where the storytelling stops. Once your content is uploaded to Issuu, you can start to take advantage of everything the Issuu Story Cloud has to offer. You can create article stories to share individual stories from your publication. You can get analytical insight into your publication’s performance. You can monetize your content to sell digitally, all on the same platform. 

But using visual stories, you can condense stories from your publication into videos that can be easily shared across all social platforms. The undeniable advantage this feature has over other forms of story sharing is in the way it hooks. By showcasing your publication’s photos and words in such a dynamic fashion, you’re beckoning anyone who comes across the visual story to read the rest of your publication. In short, it’s a story that keeps on story-ing.

a collage of a person

They’re great for marketing

So you probably already see how you could use this to boost your social media marketing. By creating visual stories, you can market your content easily across all social platforms. Turn them into Instagram stories, Twitter moments, Facebook posts, or anything else you might need. Pin it, slack it, share it. Visual stories help you share your content like nothing else. 

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They’re great for sales

Firstly, if you’re still wondering how to monetize your content easily, wonder no more. But beyond just monetizing your publication with Issuu, you can also use visual stories to drive sales. There are a lot of different ways to do this, and we’ve written about our favorite ways on the blog before. But in short, you can use visual stories are previews, teasers, or as highlight reels. Use them to show what’s to come, or what you’ve done so far. The Issuu Story Cloud can help you share your story.

They’re great for branding

Brand identities are more important than ever. How do you set yourself apart in a world with so many different publications? And once you’ve decided that, how do you share this brand identity with the world? Using the Issuu Story Cloud and Visual Stories you can use visuals from your publication alongside your own copy, and share it all over social media with ease. By using Visual Stories for brand marketing in this way, you engage in a streamlined, seamless way to spread your publication’s brand from start to finish.

Ready to make Visual Stories? Give the Issuu Story Cloud a try today to get started!