Why Post-Advertising Is Advertising In The Instagram Era

By IssuuJanuary 29, 2020Editorial

Post-advertising is a concept marketing professionals, business leaders, and academics are talking more and more about. 

An effort at articulating an effective model for advertisers in an era of consumers blinded (and blind to) the blizzard of marketing messages all around them, post-advertising refers to ads that appear anything but—and even mock the idea of advertising, as in Oatley’s campaigns across Europe. (They didn’t use Issuu Visual Stories. But you can! Create Facebook and Instagram Story campaigns with Issuu‌.) 

Let’s take a good look in the mirror. We’re hyper-aware of when we’re being sold something—and, most importantly, we always have the option of swiping left. 

The net-net: It’s more important than ever to be authentic. Read more about why authenticity is the key to social media marketing success. 

Post-advertising is human

Advertising used to be aimed at broad, trusting markets. It was general and uncomplicated. Then came the iPhone. And big data. And, now, AI-powered everything. 

Today, the messages we receive on our phones are more targeted than at any other time in the history of the world. Today, the market is online and, especially for younger generations, on social media. 

What is post-advertising? For many, the Instagram profiles of modern brands are the epitome of post-advertising. In the Twitter feuds between McDonald’s and Burger King, we see post-advertising humanizing and bringing energy to the market. 

We see brands posting snarky comments and funny stories. Behaving petty,  magnanimous and everything in between. It’s natural. You scroll it into view and engage because they’re not trying to sell you anything

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Be your customer’s buddy

Your goal as a content marketer starts with knowing what your customers want—but you can build for the long term by creating a truly authentic brand. A brand that’s so good and so irresistible that audiences are compelled to engage.

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