Why Good Content Marketers Are Good Teachers

By IssuuFebruary 14, 2020Content Marketing, Editorial

If strategy is planning for the future, then content marketing offers marketers a powerful discipline for reaching the future you want.  But why is content marketing so “strategic”? The answer lies in the unique approach to the audience that marketers must take when creating effective content marketing. 

That unique approach is this: instead of selling something, content marketing hopes to inform and educate consumers. And that means that good content marketers must be good teachers—and, above all, seek to understand the focus of their work in all of its’ many facets.

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Content marketers know who their “you” is

A good teacher is a good listener. She studies what other experts have said. She asks questions to clarify. She digs below the surface. 

When she writes about the field, she knows her readers. She knows who “you” are. (That is the royal “you” that represents a specific type of person in your industry.)

The teachers skill at acquiring an understanding of her subject matter is closely related to her skills as a listener. Those very same qualities power the effective content marketer. 

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Content marketers 

When you’re generous with your attention to your audience and what they’re looking to accomplish, you develop a sophisticated understanding of every facet of your focus. 

You understand what challenges they’re facing. What decisions they need to make. And what factors will influence those decisions. You’re really digging to understand what they want.

Is your content marketing driven by a desire to teach?

Pro tip: Most effective content marketing doesn’t mention the organization producing the content at all. In fact, the best content marketing shines a light on topics and challenges that exist in the market the content marketer operates within. 


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