What’s New in Digital Sales

By Stephanie WarnerJanuary 11, 2021Editorial

What’s New in Digital Sales

Issuu is a digital content publishing platform and one of its most popular and powerful features is Digital Sales. Over the past year during the challenges of the global pandemic, we have also seen this feature become a critical tool for new and existing content creators to open up new revenue streams with the sales of ebooks, digital magazines, online courses and more. In fact, from March-September 2020, sales of digital publication units via Issuu increased by 841%. We also added over 700 new content creators who have successfully sold publications, plus the combined revenue for all publishers selling on Issuu is up over 363%.

Initially, in March of last year, we suspended the revenue sharing component of Digital Sales and it was meant to be temporary. We quickly recognized that the Digital Sales feature was helping in a real way for publishers to replace revenue they lost due to the pandemic, and we also saw that we were adding new publishers every day who used the Digital Sales feature — so it was a win-win. It just made sense that this past October, we announced 100% commission-free Digital Sales, eliminating commissions permanently. Our content creators can now keep all of the revenue they earn from their digital content.

Secrets for Digital Sales Success

We have seen a big jump in the use of Digital Sales on Issuu, but it has always been a really popular tool for many publishers. Over the years, we’ve profiled and chatted with successful digital magazine publishers and ebooks authors for tips on their secret sauce to selling digital content. 

Sweet Paul Magazine

Sweet Paul Magazine is a lifestyle magazine best known for food, crafts, lifestyle and travel. Paul Lowe, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of the magazine shares how his publication’s inspiration is about “chasing the sweet things in life!” Paul addresses the challenges of producing a digital and print magazine with production, printing, shipping, deadlines. Plus he offers advice for content creators who are looking to publish their own magazine. “You have to have a very strong and clear concept”, Paul also recommends that you start with a digital presence first. For the complete profile, check out “Publisher of the Month” feature on Sweet Paul Magazine. You can also preview and purchase the most recent issue of Sweet Paul Magazine on Issuu here.

Legally Innovative by Anna Lozynski

Another publisher who found success with Digital Sales is Anna Lozynski, an executive general counsel and author. She believes that legal innovation is invigorating, change is energizing and efficiency will never go out of fashion. Anna chose Issuu Digital Sales for her ebook because it was aesthetically pleasing, easy to use and provides an unexpected reader experience for legal content. Beyond this opportunity to incorporate the Digital Sales tool into her business, the ebook is a vehicle to broadcast her mission to help other lawyers “do law” differently, by adopting a progressive mindset. Anna found success by tapping a variety of channels to promote her ebook and build her following on Instagram, her own blog and LinkedIn. She also offers a few tips on selling her ebook, from being generous with sharing content from the publication, finding influencers in your industry to help create buzz and be willing to experiment with promotional offers. You can read even more about Anna Loyznski’s ebook success here.

New Digital Sales Publications to Watch

In addition to our seasoned publishers using Digital Sales, we have taken notice of many new content creators who are leveraging Issuu and the Digital Sales feature to grow their businesses.

Capital 75

Capital 75 is an independent, monthly magazine based in Wellington, New Zealand available both in print and on Issuu. Capital 75 offers “tales from the coolest little city”. The creators of Capital 75 are a passionate group who love their city and keep their eyes and ears open to bring the latest in arts, culture, cuisine from Wellington. Plus they aim to share the stories of the clever citizens who call Wellington home.

Hers Magazine

The Hers Magazine is not just for women who simply exist. It’s for those who impact people at home, within their social group, at work, in the community or wherever they go. She fills him, her and them, but she is often left feeling empty or even taken for granted. So this is Hers, just for her – her space, her place, her magazine. Here is where she can be refilled and refreshed with things that interest her and keep her balanced in her outlook and activities.

Goldie Magazine

Goldie Magazine is a positively glossy magazine. They are shaking things up by offering an inclusive, celebratory approach to fashion, culture and travel that is here for people who refuse to be labelled due to age, size, gender, ethnicity or anything else. Goldie is proud to provide a platform for intersectional conversations that aren’t being had elsewhere. It aims to be: inspirational, aspirational, sustainable, inclusive and diverse!

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