Welcome to Generation G

By IssuuSeptember 22, 2017Last updated on April 27, 2018Events

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The Tree of , a massive installation at Burning Man 2017, unites the themes of creativity, art and technology coming together in the hands of creators. Its co-creator Alexander Green is one of the featured speakers at this year’s Generators Summit, hosted by issuu in San Francisco.

This letter from issuu CEO Joe Hyrkin will be included in the official welcome kit for all attendees of the upcoming Generators Summit, to be held October 5, 2017. In the letter, Joe shares his views on the central role creativity plays in moving society forward. If you like what you read, join us at Generators Summit to explore these themes further.


Welcome to issuu’s Generators Summit.

Ten years ago, issuu was founded with the mission to digitally transform the publishing world and to empower creators in their efforts to share their content and to thrive.

In coming together today to explore the marriage of technology, creativity and content, we’ll focus on both the sources of the inspiration that drives us to create and to share our passions and visions with the world, and the ways to build lasting communities and businesses that support these efforts and connections.

Creativity is at the heart of how a society moves forward. It’s the creators who inspire and stand for new ways of thinking and seeing. That creativity that we access through the best art, publications, books, movies, photography, music and more arises from within and only manifests through a deep level of care and drive for impact.

It’s in this impact that new movements are formed, and communities created. It’s this creativity that serves as the antidote to the fears or anger to which society can, at times, resort.

We are fortunate to live in a world where technology is available to accelerate the ways we can create and offer our creations to people globally who share our passions. Technology is at the heart of the distribution of the ideas and content around which movements are born. Technology also serves as a tool to build the business containers that provide sustainability to our creativity.

So today, we celebrate Generation G(enerators) … the creatives who inspire and unite, and who use the tools of technology available to all of us now to spread their passions and visions around the globe. The issuu Generators Summit is about beating the drum for the creative voice: the authentic expression that each of us and many more like us bring to our work, and our communities every day.

#GeneratorsSummit is about standing together with the voices of care, passion, and the forward movement of our culture so that all may thrive.

Enjoy the day. Dive in. Get inspired. Ask questions, and tap into the awe that is available to each one of us.

Best wishes, Joe Hyrkin