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By Stephanie WarnerOctober 27, 2020Last updated on October 27, 2020Editorial

Democracy in Action: Discover Voter Guides on Issuu and Get Informed

The election is here. Many of us are already mailing in ballots, standing in line, and making our voices heard. But if you’re still looking for information on regional and local candidates plus ballot initiatives, check out a sample of the hundreds of comprehensive and informative 2020 voter guides currently published on Issuu. At Issuu, we take pride in the role our platform serves to host and distribute critical voter information and serve as a mouthpiece for political organizing, grassroots activism, and a citizen’s ability to participate in their democracy. 

Before the mobile-first and pre-pandemic era, voter guides were often printed and distributed via newspapers, and as handouts from non-profits, public policy activists, unions, and other groups looking to educate their audience. But now, more than ever, digital publishing is the most effective way to reach large numbers of voters – instantly transforming beautiful guides into online-optimized, mobile-ready publications to embed in websites, promote via social, email, and more. In just a few clicks after upload, voter guides are ready for distribution, with no print costs, delivery fees, or need to maintain social distances for delivery.

Local and regional news: a keystone of democracy

As digital publishing has gained momentum, local and regional newspapers are struggling to maintain their crucial role in their society—from providing local investigative reporting, holding elected officials accountable, and reporting on local events and citizens—while building a sense of community for those who live there. Not surprisingly, many regional and local newspapers turn to Issuu to publish their 2020 Election Guides as a digital flipbook that is easily shared using a simple link or content embed while continuing to provide specific information on voting, local candidates, and ballot measures that may not be reported on at the state or national level.

The NAACP’s The Crisis Magazine weighs in with a new voter guide designed to engage, inform, and activate voters about key issues. They explore how the NAACP is mobilizing voters in the age of the coronavirus, Voter ID laws, election security, getting young voters to the polls, and the Black woman’s vote.  It’s an inspiring collection of stories on the issues that matter most.

Organizations promote change with information and increased awareness

Local events, community activities, and even going door-to-door are common organizing activities for non-profit, union, progressive organizations, and more, to educate the public about their cause, increase awareness, and build membership or support. Whereas a handout or flyer was perfect for leaving on doorsteps or passing out person-to-person, in the midst of a pandemic these organizations needed to pivot to digital activities and virtual events. Publishing a digital flyer on Issuu is the perfect solution for today’s most common distribution channels—email, social sharing, or even online search. Not only does publishing on Issuu make your content reader-friendly for your own audience, but also when you publish on Issuu you will improve your SEO ranking and benefit from Issuu’s domain authority, so content is more likely to rank higher in search and reach a wider audience.

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization that encourages informed and active participation in government. In Oakland, the League of Women Voters created three versions of their digital Voter’s Guide, to address the three primary languages—English, Spanish and Chinese—of the residents of Oakland and the surrounding area. Issuu makes it easy to customize content versions based on the audience’s needs without the concern for budget limitation or additional printing fees. Each version has its own unique link that is easily shared and is optimized for all screen sizes. Oakland residents benefit from this detailed guide that breaks down everything from how, when, and where to safely vote along with background on local candidates and ballot measures. 

Grassroots activism for the digital age

Social media and the Internet are powerful forces for grassroots activism. We have seen over the past several years, and especially in the recent months, how the Black Lives Matter movement built more awareness through social media and now receives wide-ranging support across the country and globe. Issuu offers a powerful platform for individual creators and activists to create content and distribute information that can also inspire activism on the personal, local, and even eventually at the national level. 

Issuu publisher Ben Mendoza created and published a compelling, beautiful and thoughtful Voter’s Guide with their partner to inform and educate their network about the local San Diego election alongside the general election. This Voter’s Guide encourages their friends, families, and colleagues to vote “up” the ballot this cycle and focus first on the local issues and candidates who affect their everyday lives. This type of content, engagement, and activism at the most personal and local level inspires us at Issuu.

The Voter Guides published on Issuu are not only integral information for every citizen, but also are a tool for change. At the heart of this content-type is an act of service in which the publishers, creators, organizations, and activists promote the power of voting and urge participation in our democracy by every citizen.