A Letter From the CEO, Joe Hyrkin

Yesterday, I sent the communication below to our Issuu users around the globe. The offers and changes mentioned below are available to everyone, new and current users. Take a moment and read about how Issuu is supporting communities of creators.


As a valued member of the Issuu family, I am writing to let you know that Issuu remains committed to you and your organization through this unprecedented situation. We are operating at full capacity and will continue to serve our customers and their ability to create, share and publish great content. Our mission has always been about connecting people through content and with the changes we’re seeing in our workplaces and communities, that mission is more relevant and important than ever before. 

As you are likely adjusting to working in a more virtual world, where the importance of digital content will grow, I want to make you aware of our product changes and resources available on Issuu:

  • To help traditional publishers shift to working in a virtual/distributed environment, we will grant all Issuu users free access to Issuu Collaborate, our flatplanning tool used to place ads and articles, assign team members work and manage workflow as materials are developed, revised and approved. This feature will be available by Wednesday, March 25th, and remain free through July 1, 2020. 

  • We’re seeing a trend where content creators who normally sell physical media are having to find new ways to sell their content digitally. To help, we will make Digital Sales, which is normally a Premium feature, available to all Issuu users for free through July 1, 2020. In addition, we will waive our revenue share requirement, giving 100% of revenues from digital sales to our customers, leaving only credit card transaction fees.

  • Our Help Center page is a great place to ask your questions, get updates or learn best practices related to leveraging Issuu to create embedded content, social stories and mobile articles. 

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns. We would love to hear from you. Together we will make our way forward. 


Joe Hyrkin

CEO, Issuu