The Reason Why Your Instagram and Facebook Stories Will Be Amazing

By IssuuJanuary 31, 2020Content Marketing

Stories: In every culture, in every era, stories are at the core of who we are. They shape our perceptions. They situate us in our environment. And the good ones show us a bit of what the path looks like down the road.

It’s a new decade. But it’s a lot like the previous millennia of decades. People—including your customers—want a story. They want something to believe in.

Today on Instagram

The significance of Instagram and Facebook, and the importance of the Story ad format, is something we’ve written about in ‘Why Facebook and Instagram Stories Should Matter To Marketers.’ 

Now, we’re going to break down how to use these stories successfully.

The first rule of telling stories

The Story ad format works well for audiences that expect instant visual stimuli. 

The trick is creating impact right away. We live in a visual-first world. The three most popular apps in the world—Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat—are all visually driven. And millennials are processing the visual message in less than half a second, according to Facebook Insights. So you need to know what you’re saying.

Fortunately, if you’ve read our blog on the only thing you really need to create killer content, then you’ll understand why we’re so positive you can do this. 

The first rule of telling compelling stories—and creating high-performing Instagram and Facebook Stories—is knowing what you want to say.

It sounds obvious, but most ads fail because the message isn’t clear.

The good news is: You already know this

The other important thing to remember about creating effective Story ads is you’re already an expert on what works. You know what you love to watch on Netflix. You know why the latest Instagram meme was so funny and so viral. 

The Story format gives you the tools of film—image and movement. By integrating three types of content, Stories give marketers the flexibility good storytelling demands.

  • Photo

  • Video

  • Carousel 

In the coming weeks, we’ll focus more on how to use Issuu to create amazing Stories.


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