The Art of a Memorable Meal: Good Company Magazine

By IssuuApril 22, 2014Last updated on February 2, 2018Publisher Spotlight

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Good Company was started by two friends who made a connection over the love of food. After meeting on the set of an art photo shoot, they came together to create a seasonal magazine that connects readers with beautiful tools, healthful ingredients, and recipes that spark the imagination.

The second issue, Anchor, is now available in full on Issuu. We spoke with Debi and Bobbi to find out how Good Company got started, how the magazine has evolved, and how food can be the key to connecting people.


The first issue of Good Company is described as “an encouraging little nudge” that incites people to connect with loved ones over memorable meals. What does a memorable meal mean to you? ​

When we look back, it’s those spontaneous nights that come to​gether by accident that are always so memorable. Those are the nights when the people are the focus, not stressing about cleaning the house for guests, or filling canapes to impress.

Our goal is to put out a message that food can be a transformative showing of love, and you don’t have to adhere the idea of being a perfect host. You just have to be real… that’s usually when the most fun happens. It can be easy to fall out of the habit of coming together to create a good meal.

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What’s the key to making the chore of cooking into an art? ​

We think having a few key tools can really change how you look at cooking, making it much less daunting.

We recently gave the Global Knife featured in our first issue to a friend of ours—this was someone with a beautiful home who thought cooking was opening a can of tuna.​ Now he’s whipping up finely chopped celery, carrots and onions with fervor, shocking himself a​t​ his natural skill—and it’s a beautiful sight to see. He’s finally inviting friends over for home cooked meals in a gorgeous dining room that was never previously used. ​

Now we get to reap the benefits of someone who has just discovered the love and triumphs of cooking.

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Walk us through your process. How does Good Company go from the ideation stage to the end publication? 

We do it all together, for the most part! It’s a bit challenging since ​I’m​ in Brooklyn and Debi is in Chicago. ​I ​head up the content with a great core team of editors​ and together we flush out the stories, recipes & what products we want to feature. From there Debi starts working on design concepts as we simultaneously plan the shoots.

We’ve been so lucky and fortunate to be able to work with the best contributors—​ writers​, photographers, stylist, recipe developers​— who contribute their time and talent to bring the magazine to life. ​ We collaborate on all aspects of GC and respect each other’s opinion & expertise in our separate fields.

As a start up, w​e’ve worn many hats: writers, editors, shipping & receiving, sales people, photo assistants, product wranglers, we’ve done it all!

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How has Issuu played a role in the creation and distribution of Good Company? ​

We love being on Issuu! The platform is so easy to use and wonderful for showcasing​ big beautiful photos as well as links to all the great products we feature. Exposure on Issuu has helped us gain new readership and stockists. Thank you, Issuu!

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Where do you see Good Company in the future? ​

Right now, our goal is to put out the best issues that we can every season: delving deeper into food issues that concern us, introducing you to people who inspire us, linking you to tools that benefit you, and giving you recipes that keep friends and family around your table.​

Anchor, the latest Issue of Good Company Magazine: 

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