How to Market Your Solopreneurship

By William SmiarowskiSeptember 9, 2020Content Marketing

What is a Solopreneurship?

In simple terms, a solopreneurship is a business or creative venture run by a single person. Solopreneurs single-handedly manage their business in its entirety which means they often wear many hats. Such as editor, photographer, marketing manager, public relations, and many more.

While it’s imperative to create great work, solopreneurs must also successfully show it off! That’s where marketing comes in. Marketing allows creatives the ability to not only promote their work but also expand their reach and grow their viewership. Keep reading to learn how to successfully market your solopreneurship with Issuu.

How to Market a Solopreneurship

Distribute and Reformat Your Content

You’ve put in the hustle to create your very own masterpiece, now it’s time to share it with the world! Thanks to Issuu creators of all kinds can reformat and redistribute their content across platforms. What does this mean? Issuu helps creatives get more bang for their content’s buck. The days of single-serve content are over. Now, you can create once, and reformat your content to ensure it’s successfully marketed across desktop, social, mobile sharing, and more.

  • Issuu PDF Flipbooks: Market your creative work, products, and services with a sleek PDF Flipbook. Thanks to Issuu, solopreneurs can embed their PDF Flipbook within their website and blog to create a seamless and professional digital experience.

  • Article Stories:  Long-form content may be perfect for desktop, but perhaps not for mobile viewing. Enter: Article Stories. Article Stories allow creators to reformat their long-form content into short, digestible, and mobile-friendly stories.

  • Visual Stories: Repurpose your existing content for social sharing success. By downloading the Issuu App for iOS and Android or the Issuu x Adobe InDesign Plugin, you can create eye-catching Visual Stories in no time. Combine visual elements with concise text that draws in viewers on social. Creating marketing collateral for social media has never been so easy.

Expand Your Reach with Social

Beyond traditional marketing tactics, social is a key tool to inexpensively expand one’s reach. Be sure to create social channels for your solopreneurship as a key channel to share your offerings, promotions, and insights into your brand. Not sure where to start? The Issuu Blog is filled with valuable social media marketing advice to get you started!

Build Your Community

Lastly, while you may be riding your creative venture solo, that doesn’t mean your alone! Be sure to network, network, network to build a community around you and your solopreneurship. With a strong community behind you, not only will you increase your followers and viewership, but you will also create a group of trusted resources for valuable feedback and advice.

Additional Soloprenuership Resources

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