How Real Estate Agents Can Make A Splash On Social Media

By Ale RamirezFebruary 3, 2020Editorial

Social Media for Realtors: Making A Splash On Social Media

As a real estate agent in 2020, it’s incredibly necessary to have a firm grasp of the online world and how it affects you. Social media and other resources online can be amazing tools at your disposal, sometimes they can be a huge responsibility. Often they’re both and they can affect how well your real estate business does. While you’re able to stay informed on market activity and do research on listings easily, you also have to be aware of your presence in the digital landscape. It’s not enough to just be online, you have to stand out among the crowd of other real estate agents. Social media for realtors can be hugely beneficial to your business. You need the tools to make your listings and your agency the go-to for those looking to buy homes. Let’s look into some strategies focused on making a splash on social media.

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Promote Your Posts

Some sites like Facebook call it “boosting” your post, while others like Issuu, Twitter, and Instagram call it “promoting”. Either way, there’s more to it than just paying money to get your posts in front of potential home-buyers. For starters, identifying what kind of posts to promote can make or break it. A good strategy to use is rather than trying to force a post to do well through paying money, promote when a post is already doing well. If a certain listing has caught the eye of your regular audience, it means that post and that house will connect with a larger audience inherently. Keep an eye on your posts and be ready to capitalize on the momentum.

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The internet’s greatest strength is connecting people, but it has lacked in being accessible to all people. The number of people with either listening or visual impairments reaches estimates of half a billion. A way to cater to everyone and stand out from other content is by creating accessible posts.

Image Descriptions

One way of doing this is to include image descriptions in your posts that include visuals, like brochures and listings that are visual-heavy. By just describing what’s in the image on the post, those with visual impairments can have the posts read out loud by a screen reader, making the chance they become home-buyers much more likely.

Open and Closed Captioning

Videos are fantastic, eye-catching content and by taking the extra step to make it accessible to all, you can easily stand out from the pack. If you were to include captions for a house tour video you want to share online, you can inform people who have hearing impairments of all the wonderful features this home provides. For Instagram stories, apps like Clipomatic makes it super simple. For other social media platforms, manually typing captions takes little time at all.

Use Visual Stories

Take advantage of the tools at your disposal here with Issuu, such as the Visual Stories. With just a few clicks, you can easily create and share dynamic content. Convert your real estate marketing PDF content into engaging social story content. With this, you draw in those deeply experienced in social media who want to hear what you have to say. Combine storytelling and visual elements in a selection of different styles.

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