The Games Have Begun, and issuu Is Here to Keep You Informed

By Issuu OpsAugust 5, 2016Last updated on February 2, 2018Editorial

Every four years, sports unite the globe at the Summer Olympics. Today’s opening ceremony in Rio will launch this year’s games — two weeks of sporting competition among roughly 10,500 athletes from 206 countries. These Olympics have already made headlines with the preoccupation over the Zika virus and athlete doping scandals. On the positive side, it is also be hailed as the first year that a South American country hosts the Olympics, the first time an Olympic refugee team will participate and the first time rugby and golf will return to the arena in decades.

In many ways, sporting events like the Olympics have served as tools for peace and diplomacy. In 1971, at the World Table Tennis Championship, Chinese and American athletes began to restore diplomatic relations after a game of ping-pong. At the 2000 Sydney Olympics, still-technically-at-war North and South Korean athletes walked under the same flag in the opening ceremonies. In 2005, with guidance from PeacePlayers International, Palestinian and Israeli children started breaking down longstanding barriers through playing basketball. Even the Olympic logo is in service to the idea of unity — at least one color from every country’s flag is represented in the five Olympic rings. For the sake of entertainment, nationalism and global cooperation, the world will be watching as the next few weeks unfold. And here at issuu, we’ll be watching all the intense competition as well.

From getting to know Rio — the home of this year’s games — to following the happenings of each sport, there’s a lot to learn. We’re here to help get you started with four publications that break down these Summer Olympics.

1. SportsBet Magazine

SportsBet Magazine covers the hottest topics in this year’s games through in-depth features, as well as a daily planner highlighting the most noteworthy events.

2. Olympic Games Guide

Invigorating and informative, the Olympic Games Guide covers every participating sport, and also includes an informative guide to Rio. Although it focuses on Australian athletes, this guide is a fun magazine for everyone — regardless of your nationality.

3. USA Gymnastics Magazine

USA Gymnastics Magazine provides exciting event previews and athlete profiles. With its patriotic designs and graceful photography, this magazine is sure to get you excited for the games.

4. Architecture of the Games

In the Architecture of the Games, explore the breathtaking stadiums, hotels and Olympic villages built for the Rio Games, and read interviews with the architects who created them.

We’re excited to watch this journey unfold, and root for our favorite athletes as they splash, run, jump and tackle their way to victory. To delve even deeper into these games, explore this issuu stack, which will be updated throughout the coming weeks to keep you well informed.