5 Things #issuumakers Can Learn from Re:Make 2016

By Issuu OpsOctober 1, 2016Last updated on February 2, 2018Editorial

On September 30, Brit + Co.—a San Francisco-based company that enables creativity through inspirational content, online classes and do-it-yourself kits—hosted a creativity-focused summit called Re:Make. This annual event is supposed to celebrate and explore the evolving landscape of creativity in a modern world—a landscape issuu’s movers and shakers are well acquainted with. At Re:Make 2016, we listened to some pretty cool speakers (who all happened to be women), tried our hand at crafts and walked away feeling inspired. 

For all the aspiring issuu makers out there, keep scrolling for advice from some powerful ladies and Pinterest-worthy displays that will inspire you to create something of your own.


1. Technology is great for creativity.

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Brit + Co.’s founder, Brit Morin, started the event with a presentation on modern technology and questioned whether apps and new inventions today are killing the arts. Trick question—it’s not. New technology is actually accelerating creativity by letting professional and amateur creatives create, experience and share artistic pursuits easier than ever.

2. Find your tribe.

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Sylvia Acedo, the CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA, advised attendees to “find your tribe” of like-minded people and to never take no for an answer. Creativity grows when you’re with people that can encourage and push you to work harder. 

3. Don’t be original, just be you.

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Justina Blakeney, the creator of The Jungalow, taught us that originality is paralyzing and how unimportant it actually is to be totally original. The key to creating something great is putting as much of yourself and your personal style into your project as possible.

4. Don’t be scared to try something new.

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Brené Brown is famous for her Ted Talk on “The power of vulnerability,” and she injected her presentation at the summit with points directed at being vulnerable while being a creator. The key takeaway is: do not be afraid to create. As a maker, you have a choice between comfort or courage, and you can’t have both. Making means sharing who you are from the heart to the rest of the world, and, according to Brown, you should always choose fear, disappointment and the potential to rise above being comfortable.

5. You’re the boss.

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You are the boss in your creative pursuits. Follow your passions and do what you love! It might not be a full-time job, but make what you love a part of your life and you will be infinitely happier.

The summit reminded us of the courage and originality we see from our publishers, and we’re always proud to see the creativity that flourishes on issuu. Our generators, makers and zine publishers are all proof of this. We will continue to share exceptional publications on this blog, and, to show off your current projects, you can always tweet @issuu or tag us on Instagram.

With that, we leave you one last piece of inspiration:

creativity takes courage