Thinking mobile: reach more customers with AMP content

By IssuuMarch 16, 2020Content Marketing

AMP Content: What is it?
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AMP, or an Accelerated Mobile Page, can best be described as a lightweight HTML page. As a slimmer version of classic HTML, content uploads faster and is easier to read. Thus, the overall  AMP Content experience is mobile-first and user-friendly.

As a Google-led initiative, AMP was created specifically for publishers. It helped turn once chunky content into a fast, tappable, full-screen viewing experience.

Why is it important?

AMP content is Optimized for Google Indexing and Prioritized for Mobile Search. So, what does that mean? In short, AMP Content helps brands find more customers.

Think mobile and expand your reach

Marketers looking to expand their mobile marketing strategy should look to AMP Content. Here’s some AMP Content inspiration to expand your customer base:

  • Be timely: 

    When crafting your content schedules, keep notable holidays and events in mind. Think: what will people be searching for? And work to craft content that aligns.

  • Leverage cultural trends: 

    Is something buzzing culturally? Is there a new trend within your industry? Use those fads to your advantage and create content that will draw in new readers.

  • Announce a new product: 

    Announce your new product, upgrades, and more in a visually appealing way.

  • Explain an old one: 

    Odds are your readers are turning to their phone when they need their questions answered. Create simple how-to guides that provide insights and details into your products.

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