Publisher of the Month: Face the Current

By IssuuOctober 1, 2019Publisher Spotlight, Customer Stories

Introducing our October Publisher of the Month, Face the Current, a global inspirational and aspirational lifestyle publication.

Tell us about Face the Current.

Face the Current is a global, inspirational and aspirational lifestyle magazine featuring phenomenal conscious content. We are read in over fifty-five countries with a 750,000 following on our web and social channels. Our mission is to generate a ripple effect of positive change in the world by illuminating exemplary stories of extraordinary people, brands, and experiences to provide “fuel for an inspired life” and to inspire people to be their potential and live with purpose. We are headquartered in Portland, Oregon, and our team is also based in Canada and Spain. This year, we were voted #1 Best Print Magazine in 7 State Region of Western US, #1 in Magazine Inserts, and the National Premier Print Award of Recognition. 

How did Face the Current get started?  What’s the inspiration behind it?

We recognized that there was enough media out there telling people what’s not going right in the world and a lot of media that has a disparity affect—it drives people apart. We wanted to spotlight the opposite of this: a sense of interconnectedness in the world that showcases the positive things people are doing. We said, “Let’s create content that is mostly evergreen and acts as a resource to inspire people and help one another aspire to live a conscious lifestyle that is enriched with a sense of purpose and an ongoing practice of being or becoming one’s true potential.” The name Face the Current has more than one meaning behind it as well: it’s about living in the NOW (in the current moment), and it’s also about having a willingness to face what comes at us in life as we aspire to be our potential and live our lives with purpose. 

What are some challenges you face as a publisher?  How do you conquer them?

As a publisher of purpose-driven inspirational conscious media, the greatest challenge that comes to mind is growing our reach so that the stories we feature can have a greater and more positive impact on the most lives possible around the globe. We also began our company grassroots-up, so we’ve been operating with a small team, working to accomplish a lot!  

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How do you think publishing digitally has helped Face the Current?

It’s a fact in our world today that many people live a digital lifestyle. Work communication, personal communication, news-media consumption, online shopping, social media connections…it all happens in the digital space. Face the Current is proud to connect to our readers and followers through our digital magazine, our website, and our social media channels. We’re able to offer relevant interactive content that is consumable at our readers’ own pace. Publishing digitally has also been most helpful in terms of shareability. People want to share content the instant it’s published, and they want to share it with all their friends, fans, and family, and digital is the most efficient and effective way to do this.

What advice do you have for someone looking to start a magazine?

Start by identifying your passion, then get clear on your purpose. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish with your magazine and why, then seek out others who share the same passion that would want to partner to support your vision.

What is the best part of running a magazine?  

Connecting with inspiring people around the world and sharing their stories, wisdom, and inspiration with others is really satisfying. We also partner with purpose-driven brands and organizations that offer products, services, and experiences that pay it forward, give back, or in some way enhance lives. It’s very meaningful to have a positive impact on others’ lives! 

Another perk is getting to hear from a wide array of experts on various topics. Just like our readers, we find it fun and informative to broaden our horizons with the magazine’s content. It’s also so gratifying to see a powerful story come to life from text, through the design process, and finally to the finished product. It’s a really beautiful thing.

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Here at Issuu, we believe everyone has a story to tell.  How do you like to tell your stories?  

We like to tell our stories in an inspiring, motivating, and positive light, while offering insights that people can take into their lives to support a daily practice of aspiring to be one’s potential and to live with purpose. Inspiration is our main ingredient—we are fuel for an inspired life. Each of our features has to have a unique story to tell that will motivate our readers to try something new, to explore our world, to open their minds, to live healthily and happily, and to find their purpose. Also, stunningly beautiful images help to bring our stories to life and are an essential component of our features.

We’ve also been very much “by the community, for the community” in the sense that we feature and have contributors who care about humanity, the environment, and living a consciously connected lifestyle. All of this is created for a growing global community who cares, too.  

What’s next for Face the Current?

We’ve recently begun a new and unique docu-series project called The Grand Return that we’re spearheading in an effort to shed some light on the parts of our world that are still unexplored and, in some instances, have been kept from public awareness. Face the Current began production in Egypt this September, and we’ve chosen to begin this exploration in Egypt because it is one of the richest sources of monuments, artifacts, and writings from advanced civilizations with the vast majority of its sites and lands still left untouched or not fully excavated. We’re embarking on this “Grand Return” because we believe there is more to this modern-day story that we’ve been presented in books and media, and we believe the time is now to travel deeper for a new look and a better understanding.  We will be unveiling information and evidence from ancient, yet advanced civilizations as we explore these “uncharted” sites and lands and begin to unravel new stories and present an enhanced understanding of life in the past and present, while also considering what is projected for our future. We also revisit known artifacts to consider a new understanding of relics, symbols, monuments, and documents that have been accessible but may have been misinterpreted, as many questions have remained unanswered for centuries.  As part of this exploration, we are looking at ancient technology, ancient medicine, sound and resonance, science, astronomy, languages and symbols, and much more!  The production kicked off with a great start thanks to our amazing crew and the support of the Egyptian Media Production City and our Egypt team lead, Archeologist Mohamed Zakaria. With a successful start, we are currently working on our next phases of production!