Publisher of the Month NUDE. Magazine

By IssuuJuly 6, 2018Last updated on July 1, 2019Publisher Spotlight

We’re happy to introduce our Publisher of the Month, NUDE. Magazine. NUDE. Magazine is a monthly publication, founded by Raylene Pereyra, that focuses on highlighting creatives in a “real, raw, and true” manner. We’ll be bringing you exclusive NUDE. Magazine content throughout the month so be sure to follow along on social and check out their latest issue in the mean time!

Tell us about NUDE. Magazine.

Raylene: When I first started, I literally googled “how to start a magazine” and went from there. The mag started as a hobby that quickly became my full time job but I had no clue how to run a company so I had to learn by trial and error. NUDE. covers everything from travel and food, to poetry and celebrities but we like to mainly focus on creatives.

What’s the inspiration behind Nude Magazine?

Raylene: We are inspired by creatives. Everyone who f***ing grinds and pushes for their voice to be heard through their art is who we feature.

NUDE. Magazine is full of celebrities, creatives, food and more- what goes into creating the perfect issue? Does each issue follow a specific theme?

Raylene: You know, everyone likes to expect to see the same thing every month but with subtle changes so sometimes it’s difficult to keep that consistent. I think I’m only as good as my last issue so each month I grow, for sure. With the start of each issue, I look on a few of my favorite design inspo websites or I’ll see something when I’m out and about that can inspire the theme of the whole issue. Each month is different though because sometimes it’ll take much longer to find that inspiration so I might feel stuck but I just trust that it’ll come to me and it always does.

You feature a lot of celebrities in your publication. Any advice on making these connections?

Raylene: A lot of my connections are made through Instagram so I’d say keep everything on there consistent and constantly post dope content. People use Instagram as your portfolio more then you realize.

How do you think publishing digitally has helped NUDE. Magazine?

Raylene: Our digital platform is much bigger than our print and we’ve reached so many people digitally- more than I ever thought we could. People love to just flip through the magazine on their phone instead of the print version. In my opinion, it would be a blog if I didn’t print so that’s why I still print NUDE.

What is the best part of running a magazine?

Raylene: Working for myself, for sure.

Any advice for publishers working to leverage social media to grow their audience?

Raylene: It’s a slow and steady race for publishers growing their audience on Instagram. Don’t rush it. People will repost your content if they love it so just make sure every person who shoots with you gets to pick their own selects and the shots they like. Also, don’t beg people to f*** with you.

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What are you currently working on over at NUDE. Magazine? What can we expect next?

Raylene: This month we’re throwing an event in Vegas for Sabrina Claudio, shooting a cover with a big artist on the 9th, and planning so much more. A new issue is out on the 1st of every month.