5 Publications to Watch in 2019

By IssuuDecember 31, 2018Last updated on July 1, 2019Editorial

Publications to Watch in 2019

Now more than ever Issuu is filled with creative, influential and empowering content from our fabulous publishers. Issuu users are telling their stories in new ways and are growing their engagement and their audiences. Keep reading for 5 publications to watch in 2019.

Grumpy Magazine 

Grumpy Magazine is a quarterly publication living between Paris and Los Angeles. Created to “get you out of your grumpy mood” Grumpy Magazine features stunning content from the worlds of fashion and entertainment. Covering top influencers and rising stars within every new issue — we’re excited to see what Grumpy brings in 2019!

Volition Magazine

VOLITION is a bi-monthly high fashion and art publication. Featuring cutting edge and out of the box fashion editorials, VOLITION has become an outlet of inspiration for creatives of all kinds. Boasting over 200 pages per issue, we’re excited to see what fills their digital pages in the New Year!

The Beautiful Project

The Beautiful Project  is creating a voice, empowering and encouraging women of color to participate in the conversations that are happening about them, without them. As a collective of image makers using photography and writing, The Beautiful Project is inspiring women of color into the New Year.

Man of Metropolis

Man of Metropolis has become the definitive guide to fashion and culture for the modern man. Highlighting style, culture and  influential men,  Man of Met has grown to over 14.5 thousand followers on Instagram alone. We’re excited to see their continual growth and influential content in 2019.

Lúcuma Magazine

Lúcuma Magazine is a vegan magazine highlighting plant based recipes, fashion, and lifestyle tips. Combining creative content within their vegan recipes, Lúcuma is inspiring people to live healthier lives in the New Year.

What publications are you watching in 2019? Let us know in the comments below and on social @Issuu