Paint Pens Collective x issuu: One Page at a Time

By IssuuAugust 2, 2017Last updated on April 27, 2018Events

Historically, zines are small publications created on paper to share a message. Whether that message was political, a small artistic expression of personal feelings or bite-sized mini portfolios, zines traditionally are handmade and not easy to share with more than a small community. At issuu, our mission is to connect you with meaningful content — no matter where the creator is located — and digital publishing allows our community of artists and creators to share their message and vision with a much bigger audience.

We love art, individual expression and connecting people with interesting content. That’s why we collaborated with Paint Pens Collective, a contemporary and alternative art collective based in the Bay Area, to create ONE PAGE AT A TIME. This publication is 35 pages filled with images and interviews from nine contemporary Bay Area print and zine makers. Whether it’s print or digital, we want to spread the word about zines, their history and what the artists do for their craft. After reading, hopefully you’ll be inspired to make your own zine and to go outside of tradition by making it digital.


If you’re in the Bay Area, try your hand at zine making during our ONE PAGE AT A TIME zine release party. Artists featured in the PPC x issuu zine will be on site, and copies will be available for preorder when you RSVP. Everyone is welcome to come hang out and draw with friends and strangers. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new favorite hobby while you’re at it!

RSVP now and get ready for a night of drawing, raffles and live music. Find more zines on issuu to get inspired before the party.