Face the Current Magazine: Driving Positive Change with Purpose-Filled Content

By IssuuOctober 17, 2019Last updated on October 19, 2019Publisher Spotlight

A guest blog post by October 2019 Publisher of the Month, Face the Current.

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Facing the current is a mindful call-to-action. It can summon you to turn and face the flow of events, energy, and people in your life with an open mind and heart. It can also remind you to let go of the past, relinquish the future’s gnawing grip on your time and resources, and live in the current moment.With everything happening in our world, from constant political chaos, to international conflicts, to climate change and its devastating effects, the world can seem like an overwhelmingly negative place. Every time we turn on the television, open the newspaper, flip through our phones, or scroll through our computers, we’re inundated with tragic news stories that can be downright depressing. What are we to do? What can we do in the face of such negativity?

Face the Current has chosen to be different. By featuring inspirationally positive content, it’s our mission to burst through the gloomy fugue and motivate our readers. We aim to inspire so others can aspire to be their potential. In doing so, we hope to bring together like-minded people who share the same hopes and missions to better themselves, their communities, and ultimately, our planet.

By focusing strictly on “purpose-driven” content, we work with and feature people and organizations that operate with a positive sense of purpose. With our travel, culture, music, sports and fitness, and health sections, we’re able to offer a wide array of inspiring content. Whether it’s the story of a local yoga instructor, the beckoning wanderlust of a hidden travel gem, inspiring new beats from international artists, new recipes to fuel a healthy lifestyle, the latest mindful tactics of top athletes, or ancient wisdom to ignite our souls, we recognize that what we all bring to the table is intensely important. In it lies the desperately needed potential to drive positive change in the world.

For us, it’s not about denying that difficult and negative situations exist in our world—we need only to tune our eyes and ears to the endless chatter of traditional media to be reminded of such things. Some of our content may capture particularly challenging topics, such as devastating forest fires, the depletion of healthy farming practices in North America, the harmful impact of humanity’s convenience lifestyle on our planet, and the negative ramifications of rampant tourism on some of nature’s most prized locations, yet all of our features are imbued with hope. They share the ways in which individuals, corporations, and organizations are stepping up to enact positive change. They give our readers a call-to-action that can help them get involved with causes that spark a fire in their souls. They give hope during times when many things seem hopeless.

That’s what Face the Current is all about.

So, fuel-up with us, feel lifted, and be your potential. After all, a life with purpose is a life well lived!

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