4 Photography Composition Tips for Perfect Photos

By IssuuMay 24, 2018Last updated on July 1, 2019Editorial, Social Media, Tips

Photography Tips

Whether you’re putting together a beautiful publication or an intriguing Instagram, visuals are a crucial factor. Taking exceptional photos takes your work from being good to great. We’ve put together a quick list of photography tips for perfect photos –– whether it’s food, fashion or for fun, you’re covered.

Use triangles to compose

Everybody wants in on the biggest photo trend on Instagram –– flatlay photography. This is when you are shooting objects, from magazines to food to clothes, from an aerial angle, directly downward in a well-styled shot. But how do people achieve such full, engaging images of everyday objects? Using triangles to compose: be sure to arrange the subjects in a triangular shape to fill out the frame. Think about these powerful shapes when you’re creating your composition to engage your viewers and keep their eyes moving.

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The rule of thirds

You’ve probably heard this one before, but probably because it’s extremely  important to keep in mind when composing a photo. Divide your shot into nine equal sections with horizontal and vertical lines –– most camera apps have this built in to make it even easier. Use these lines as guides to place the most important part(s) of the photo where they intersect.

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Fill the frame

If you’re unsure about the environment surrounding the subject or want to focus your viewer’s attention on a single subject, shoot or crop your photos so that the subject fills the frame. These kinds of shots will have a big impact and allow all eyes to be on the subject of the photo.

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Consider symmetry

One of the more pleasing visuals to the human eye is symmetry. Look for symmetry to create pleasing visuals that appear to have a lot going on –– even if there really isn’t.

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