New: ‘Motions’ by Issuu, Issue 2

By IssuuOctober 22, 2019Editorial

Motions, Issue 2 by Issuu

We recently introduced , a new publication aiming to inspire and educate. We aim to reach marketers, editors, creatives, businesses and brands of all kinds every month with new content highlighting Issuu’s publishers and best practices. The publication, made up of content from our publishers and our team, is packed with informative articles and inspirational work. Releasing once a month, we’re showing you how to utilize Issuu to its maximum potential. With so many exceptional digital publishing features available, we’re showing you how to make the most of what Issuu has to offer. The title is inspired by how Issuu’s users are making motions with their brands and businesses. Digital publishing, in its many formats, is making waves–– and our publishers are doing the same.

What’s it all about?

In this issue, you’ll find a letter from Audrey Vandenbroeck, Director of Customer Success at Issuu, learn how to market a holiday catalog and generate engagement with Issuu content. Plus, get the most out of your content marketing strategy with our content calendar ideas for November 2019 and see how businesses are using Stories to optimize their digital content.

We’ve got our eyes out for publishers who are making the most of their experience with the Issuu Story Cloud for future features. Looking to be featured? Email us here.