The Future is Female: Celebrating Feminism on issuu

By Issuu OpsMarch 7, 2017Last updated on February 2, 2018Editorial


With March being National Women’s History Month, it’s about time people everywhere got behind feminism. As Huffington Post puts it, “you are either a feminist or sexist,” which goes hand-in-hand with Merriam-Websters definition of feminism: “The belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.” Seems pretty straightforward — well, except for the exclusion of transgender and gender nonconforming folks (but we’ll get to that).

To help celebrate this month of women’s history and International Women’s Day, we rounded up a few of our favorite publications that embody equal rights for all genders.

1. Intersectional Feminist Primer

Catch up on the basics of intersectional feminism, also sometimes referred to as “third wave feminism,” with UCLA’s FEM Newsmagazine. Intersectional feminism is the theory that contemporary feminist scholars are (mostly) subscribing to because they realized that class, race and sexuality should be factored into the gender inequality picture.  

2.  Feminism for All

If your feminism is racist, it’s not true feminism. Check out this The Coalition Zine, a publication by badass women and femmes of color.


3. Tackling the Patriarchy at the International Level

Want to see how the closest thing to global governance we’ve ever had is fighting, supporting and legislating for women’s rights? Look no further than the 2015-16 UN Women Annual Report.

4. Loud and Clear

A consistent issuu staff favorite (for good reason), Tom Tom Magazine is a 74-page full color magazine dedicated to female drummers. These ladies are here to be seen — and heard. Read interviews and reviews of and for female drummers.

5. Be Inspired

Want some inspiration on how to center feminism in your literary arts? Look no further than The Riveter Review. Created and run by three college women from different schools, this publication is filled with impactful poems, writing and art.

6. What is Gender?

Why do we even have this binary system of male and female? If we didn’t have such a stark gender dichotomy, would the same amount of gender inequality exist? Some answers may be in Malcolm Shanks and Khari Jackson’s beautifully-well-done zine, Decolonizing Gender: A Curriculum.

If feminism is actualized, we would see equal pay between genders, a diminished rape culture, bodily autonomy, women presidents and a whole lot more. Keep sharing these and other feminist publications until we make sure it all becomes a reality.

For more empowering feminist publications, see issuu’s Feminism stack and continue sharing your favorite feminist pieces with @issuu. Tweet at us how you’re celebrating International Women’s Day today.